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s&j editors provides quality edits tailored to your budget
s&j editors

Are you (or a friend) looking for an editor who's inexpensive but high quality? An editor who actually cares about you and your story? An editor who wants to make the editing process as simple and painless as possible?

Then look no further! E.K. Seaver and I have begun an editing business tailored toward Christian and clean indie authors of all kinds of genres (she prefers dystopian, I prefer romance; together we tackle everything from urban fantasy to historical suspense)!

We offer flat rates of $18 an hour for line edits, $16 an hour for developmental edits, and $12 an hour for copy edits! Not sure how much that will be? We're up for giving you an estimate and a sample edit with our simple query form - no strings attached, of course! Still might not be able to afford it? We'll adjust our price to fit your budget!

Need all the edits at once? We've got you covered with the complete package, which includes developmental edits, line edits, and copy edits with a 10% discount off of the regular prices!

We've got winter and spring (February through April) slots open now, so hop on over to our website for more information! You can also subscribe to our newsletter for occasional updates and exclusive discounts! We can't wait to start working with you!

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