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First things first, this had better be the last time you come here.

Wait. What?

All right, let me back up.

My website (, that long one) will be closed for maintenance until--hopefully--the first Monday in January. I have a couple posts coming out on the 28th and the 30th of this month, but other than that, everything else (like my Theories of Man post) will be pushed back to sometime in January. Until then, I'll be updated and adding to the site...and...

Getting a custom domain!

What does that mean? Well, it means (1) this site's gonna have to start generating some moola, because I'ma have to start payin' for it, and (2) when you return, you'll be arriving at!


So, step back and wait a little while. I'm giving myself an upgraded site as a late Christmas present, and I'll be sharing it with the world as soon as possible! I've also got a TON of other goodies I can't wait to debut, so keep your eye out for my newsletter in your inbox on January 4th! (BTW, if you'd like to receive my newsletter and keep up-to-date on my site, blog posts, and writing/reading, then just enter your email address into the field at the bottom of this page or my homepage, and you'll be subscribed!)

Anyway, thank you to all who joined me for my Christmas giveaway this month! For those who didn't enter or win, don't forget to check out my Short Story Saturday posts! I hope to be debuting more short stories every Christmas, so y'all can just mark your calendars for next year!

Y'all have a Happy New Year! I'll see ya!

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