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Ask Ann-Marguerite™ Update!

Y'all. I have had the HARDEST time lately! I mentioned that Ask Ann-Marguerite was moving to its own site, right? Well, I take it back. Here, let me explain...

First, I wanted to do a WordPress blog because, I mean, it's WordPress. Great free domain, perfect for bloggers, leading website builder in the blogging community. I have several friends who have multiple WordPress blogs, and they're all so beautiful.

However, I tried seventeen million times (all right, not that many) to create a WordPress blog, but I couldn't even get the theme to work. I even had a friend help me, and needless to say, it was completely unsuccessful.

So I decided to buy an inexpensive custom domain (it was, like, six bucks; couldn't pass that up) and link it to a Wix site. Y'all, I love Wix. I hate how money-grubbing they are, but I love designing Wix sites. They are so quick and simple and just...I love it.

However, I had to purchase a premium plan to connect a domain I already own.

Y'all. Those plans are EXPENSIVE. I'm already paying for one.

So I went to bed despairing. I couldn't sleep. I wanted to cry. I woke up with a headache. I prayed and prayed that, if AM is something God wants me to do, that He would make a way for a blog that wouldn't cost me hardly anything.

I started researching other website builders. Both GoDaddy and Weebly require premium plans to connect a domain.

But not Squarespace. I could connect an already-owned domain to trial site.

Note: trial. Grace didn't note that word until after she started designing her site.

A trial site lasts for two weeks and after that you have to pay. $12 a month.


So, my entire body aching and my mind whirring--mostly with anger and disbelief--I decided that it wasn't worth it. The cheapest site I could find was nearly $4 a month, but an AM site isn't that imperative.

Therefore, the gracious and extremely helpful folks at Namecheap were able to cancel my domain registration and rid me of the overwhelming pressure I had put on myself.

I say all of this to say that, no, The Official Writer's Advice Column will not get its own site. In fact, I'll be laying it to rest to introduce several new blog series come Summer 2021: several how-tos on historical romance, posts all about self-publishing (some from me and some from guest bloggers), and any writing tips y'all request!

My apologies for all this craziness! I hope y'all stick around and help me decide what should come to the blog by taking the survey below! Thanks, guys!

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