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Book Club Kit + Character Q&A (Daylight Launch Tour)

Welcome to Day 5 of the Daylight Launch Tour!!! Today, I have two fun things to share with y'all - an exclusive interview with the main character of the story, Sylvie; and a downloadable book club kit!

A book club kit contains discussion questions, a note from moi, and a bit of backstory about Daylight, perfect for book clubs (of course) or an individual reader! To download the kit, just click the graphic below!


Now, let's welcome Sylvie Harpe, the MC of Daylight, as she joins me for a quick interview!

How would you define your role in the story?

Technically speaking, I suppose I’m the main character...but it’s hard to envision myself as something so important when I’m just like everyone else. We all had a story end and a new one begin on that day—I’m simply the one whose story Grace chose to tell.

What was it like experiencing firsthand the events of 9/11?

It’s hard to put into words what I was all so surreal in some ways and in others, it was too real, you know? Looking back, I see myself dazed and confused by what was going on, but I can still feel the horror and the anger and the strength of my emotions, even if I didn’t really know what to think.

It wasn’t something I would’ve imagined myself strong enough to survive. Probably because I wasn’t. I’m not. If it weren’t for God…I don’t know where I’d be, mentally, physically, and spiritually. August has said before that he was glad that it was him there, that he got to stand alongside America when she fell. I can’t exactly echo the sentiment with the confidence he has, but I understand that. And now I’m...I’m proud to say that I was there. It was like being on the battlefield, you know, and I would much rather have been on that field, fighting the war, than watching helplessly as it was waged.

How has 9/11 impacted the rest of your life?

Oh, in so many ways! Strangely enough, there was a good way. I think if I hadn’t come that close to losing August, I wouldn’t have realized how much I needed him—I might’ve not even realized how much I love him as more than just a friend, you know?

I also don’t think I would’ve come to this place of full surrender and trust in God. You really can’t until you’ve been through something as tragic as that. So, I mean, I could focus on all that went wrong that day, all that was never the same...or I could be grateful for how God has carried me through not just 9/11 but the long days and weeks after it. I have a brand new perspective now, and that’s probably the most important way 9/11 changed me. It gave me eyes.

How do you find hope after such a horrific event?

God. Only God. I tried on my own at first. I tried bottling up my grief, because of all the people, I’d lost the least. I tried feeding my guilt that I was the reason why August would never be the man he once was. I tried moving forward without ever letting go of the past, and you can’t do that. You can’t walk in shackles or fly with your wings bound.

And it wasn’t until I took it all to God, laid it down before Him, acknowledged all that I was feeling and going through, that I started seeing the light. It was a slow process, and I had to take the first step. As lovely as it sounds, you can’t just expect God to take all your issues away. If you’ll ask, He’ll give you the strength to push through them, and you’ll end up better for it, you know? I think that’s really the point. You know, refining fire and all? Yeah, it wasn’t until I made it out of that fire that I saw how true Jeremiah 29:11 is, where God has that He knows the plans He has for us, plans for a hope and a future.

And that doesn’t just apply to me. That goes for America too. He’s building us back stronger after all that happened, and no matter what the devil does to try to break us down again, God’s just gonna use it to make us even tougher, even greater.


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Bookishly yours,


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