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Coming Soon...

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

...To theaters--Jocelyn Grover and Markus Keene are to star the feature film Held Captive, which is to be released Summer 2022 and will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, based on the novel of the same name by Grace A. Johnson.

Yeah. No. I didn't have you fooled, did I? I mean, there is no "Jocelyn Grover" or "Markus Keene," although I'd be beyond grateful if there were actors who fit the bill for Rina and Xavier. And there will definitely NOT be a theatrical release of a movie based upon my debut novel--at least, not within two years and probably not produced by the infamous Mr. Bruckheimer. A girl can dream, though...

No, no movie, but instead, I'll be updating y'all on what is coming soon:

1: A three-part blog installment starting tomorrow, Friday, the 18th. For three weeks, I'll be discussing the history of the early "church" and the origins behind "church" itself.

2: An "advice column" for writers on my blog, starting Wednesday, November 25th. I'll be answering some of the top questions on writing, publishing, and everything in between. So, if you have ANY questions, as a reader, a writer, a wannabe writer, or even a long-time writer searching for publication, etc., I would be glad to hear them. Leave a question in the comment section of this post, on my page on Goodreads, or send me a message on the homepage.

3: A giveaway. Yes! My first ever giveaway! Now, it'll be a virtual giveaway that I'll run on my blog, and more to get the feel of things before Bound and Determined releases and I host giveaways of it. Sometime in December, I'll host a giveaway for my Christmas novella, The Gift of Her Heart, so go ahead and enter your email to subscribe at the bottom of the page to keep up-to-date on just when that'll happen and how you can enter. (The terms will be simple, of course. I have neither the time nor the patience for complexity.)

4: A newsletter. Now, I have, at the time, only three subscribers, and one of those happens to be my mom, so... I won't be starting this newsletter until I have enough subscribers, but if you want that to come sooner and you want first dibs on sneak peeks, new posts, and other goodies no one else will get, then please, subscribe and your name will be added to the list! My newsletter will contain the first word on when I'll be releasing new books and first notification of giveaways and the like, plus more and more as time goes on.

5: Sometime in the VERY near future (as in, within the next several days), I'll be sharing my "What's Next" post, where I'll give y'all the first peek at what will be coming after Bound and Determined and how my Daughters of the Seven Seas series, Arlington Family series, and other standalones fit into my schedule for the time being.

6: For a week leading up to the 2nd anniversary of Held Captive, my debut novel, on March 23rd, 2021, I'll be sharing some fun things like my "soundtrack" for the novel, my inspirational photos (i.e., character and set inspiration), HC's best moments, and some of my favorite quotes, so if there is anything in particular y'all would like to know/see about Held Captive and all the "behind-the-scenes," then please leave a comment and I'll put that on my list to share. Also, let me know what y'all want me to share about Prisoner at Heart, whose 1st anniversary is coming up on October 29th of this year.

And...guess what I finally got in the mail??? My copy of A Portrait of Loyalty! Now, I've been waiting on this baby for a month, but because of the world's current state of affairs, the publishing company's been a wee bit behind. But I finally got APoL in today, so I'll be reading it tonight, and by either tomorrow or Saturday, my review will be up on my blog and Goodreads. (It takes Amazon a couple days to moderate reviews, so it'll be next week sometime before that one's up.)

Well, I know we're all disappointed that the movie didn't work out, but you know what? I still have a lot of great things coming soon that I would love for y'all to check out, so leave a comment about what you want to see in my upcoming posts and subscribe to get the first edition of my newsletter!

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