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Fantasy Writers' Worldbuilding Linkup

*clears throat and splays hand in a broad gesture* Welcome, one and all, to my first ever linkup (also my first ever fantasy-related anything...ha ha)! Before I jump into the details, I'd like to introduce myself (and my intentions). I've never hosted a linkup before, and this one will probably be a little different than the usual ones, but I'mma give it a go!

I'm typically a historical romance writer, although I grew up on fantasy and speculative fiction, so finding me in the realm of the LOTR fans and the fantastical writers with their pet dragons is a rarity. I've only ever been to a dragon show once before, and after getting a wee bit too close to having my eyebrows scorched, I haven't made it a habit to return. You understand.


There's this wonderful forum, you see, called Kingdom Pen, and a lovely friend of mine started a topic about a week ago called "Let's Build a World." Well, it got me thinking. I've been fiddling with quite a many fantasy stories within the last four years, but I'm far from an expert (which would be why I've only ever written a short story), and I'd like to expand my horizons and hone my skills (or, rather, develop my skills).

One of the best ways to do this is to practice worldbuilding. It is, after all, the make-it-or-break-it element of a fantasy novel.

I'd also like to host a linkup, so here we are! *grins cheekily*

Here's how it works, y'all:

  • Worlds (like earth, for example) are full of different regions, terrains, people, cultures, languages, creatures, mythologies, religions, etc., so you can never pick just one when creating your world (except for maybe the medieval Europe style world that everyone just loves). With this linkup, we'll all create just one element of a large world, then I'll share the links to everyone element (it can be any of the ones mentioned above) in the final post on March 1st.

  • You can describe a place, write a story about a person, or even create a map of anything you like and post it on your blog or social media--just put the link to your post in the comments!

  • You can use my graphic above, or you can create your own! (By the way, tying your element into your graphic is encouraged!)

  • Share this linkup with your friends and fellow writers and on social media--better yet, you can share with artists of other mediums, like poets, designers, cartographers, etc.! Worlds exist on more than just paper, you know! The best way to spread the word is by including the link to this post in yours!

  • The linkup runs from now (February 1st) to February 28th. I'll post y'all's links on March 1st. You are more than welcome to join in anytime after--you may not end up on the list, but if I see a lot of people have joined in after the end date, I may have a second post.

  • In the final post, I'll share the links you give me. If you have any images you'd like me to share, I'd be more than happy to include them as well. I will also share my own creation in the final post!


I can't wait to see what y'all create! Let me know if you have any questions (or notice any problems), and otherwise just have fun!

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