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  • Writer's pictureGrace A. Johnson Gets a Whole New Look!

You may have noticed when you pulled up this post that my site looks a wee bit different.

It is.

Y'all remember when I asked you to take a reader's survey for me? I asked a bunch of questions that made little to no sense? Yeah, that one. You remember it.

Anyway, this is what I did with your feedback.

I revamped my entire site.

I changed the colors, the theme, the layout, the fonts, my logo, my tagline - all of it. And I like it. I mean, I'll prolly change it again in a couple years, but for the most part, I'm in love with my new designs!

First, I want to give a HUGE thank you to my AMAZING friend Grace (whom I lovingly call Other Grace)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She did me the BIGGEST favor ever by drawing the GORGEOUS sword and roses for my logo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grace, you're the best, girl. Thanks a MILLION!

Next, I want to give y'all a quick tour of the site and all that's changed. Starting with...

The Blog

I underwent a name change. Yep. You are officially reading a post on Of Blades and Thorns. Obviously, this name is waaaaay cooler. And it was kinda chosen for two boring reasons: (1) I was tired of the old name - Gabbing with Grace - and (2) I wanted something that went with my new logo/brand.

Hence a name that corresponds with the sword and roses.

But that's not the only significance that Of Blades and Thorns holds. It's also a nod toward the death of Jesus - the blade that pierce His side and the thorns in His crown. This way, we'll all be reminded of Jesus's ultimate sacrifice for us and the reason why I'm blogging in the first place: for Him.

Not much has changed about this page, I suppose. But you may remember that I used to have a page called “My Writing Journey” that detailed how I became a writer. When I started on my site updates, I moved it to my about page to keep things a little more concise, you know?

But if you go check out my about page, it’s not there. If you’re interested in learning about my writing journey, I'll be posting that section in a post on my blog.

I decided I had something more important I needed to share than just how I became a writer (it’s a pretty uneventful story, to be honest). Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more “Christian” books that are full of, well, un-Christian content. From profane language to accepting the theory of evolution to being more comfortable with fairies and magic than the name of Jesus. Worse than that, the authors of these books are actively supporting this content and these ideals.

It’s disappointing to me and so many other young Christians.

Hence the section of my about page…possibly the most important section on my entire site: my writer’s creed.

I suggest you read it. You might find it...inspiring. *shrugs* I'll leave that up to you.


I mean, the purpose of this section hasn't changed, but the layout of the individual pages has. They're much cleaner and more concise now - plus I have the links to free downloads of my short stories and quotes from each book!

For Authors

This section is, you guessed it, for authors. All my services - from reviews to proofreads - are here. At this time, most of these pages are "coming soon," which means I have some more work to do building the individual pages and getting all my info up.

Other Stuff

There's actually not an "other stuff" page...but some of the other things that have changed are my footer (there's, like, stuff in it now), my newsletter subscription page, and my media kit page. Plus, I've added a page for you to join my street team - check it out here!

What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts on all the new/upcoming pages, the new homepage, logo, blog name, colors, theme - all of it! Of course, not everything's perfect - there are probably a lot of things I'll fix/change in the future and maybe even new pages I'll add - but for the time being, I'm satisfied! What about y'all???

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