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It's The Most Wonderful Time...

...Of the giving season! Guys, the giveaway ends in mere hours!!!

Due to a discrepancy in time (on my part, of course), The Gift of Her Heart giveaway ends in less than twelve hours! I'll be announcing the winners on my blog on Christmas Eve, but if you win, I'll send you an email on the 23rd containing your prize!!

Now, with such little time left before the window closes, I want to give everyone another chance to enter, enter, ENTER! The rules and widget (aka, place where you enter) can be found here! If you're not interested, please share on social media and with your family and friends! I'm super excited to be giving FIVE winners this awesome Christmas gift, so don't hesitate to enter yourself or share with others!

If you don't win, do not fret! I'll be sharing the first scene from The Gift of Her Heart on my last Short Story Saturday, the 26th of this month--and you can read some Christmas short stories on my blog too!

Don't forget to catch my Theories of Man post on the 27th! I'll be examining predestination and free will--from multiple perspectives!

Coming up in January, I'll be replacing my Name of the Week with a Design of the Week, which you'll be able to purchase on t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, and more at my Redbubble shop!

I'll also be sharing another sneak peek from Bound and Determined! Whoop whoop!

Don't forget to subscribe at the bottom of this page to receive email alerts when I post on my blog AND receive my monthly newsletter!

Y'all have a very merry Christmas!! 😘

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