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Name of the Week: Donald John Trump

All right, y'all! We have got a lot going on this week, especially with the election TOMORROW! And I know some of you are like, "Grace, you just wrote a blog post two minutes ago, and now you want to come up on here and give me a Name of the Week six hours later than you supposed to." But, it's my blog, I've had a long morning, and I have a LOT I want to share before November 3rd.

So, I know I said my Name of the Week would be the name of one of my characters--and it usually is. But today I wanted to give everyone a little insight into what the name of our president means.

Back in 2016, my parents did their research to discover what Trump's name means--from his first to his middle to his last--and, of course, it's very prophetic. For those of you who don't believe in God's plan for Trump and America--and Trump's reelection--then y'all can just stop reading now. 😉

Donald is actually my father's name and his father's name, and John certainly has its place in my family's heritage (I'm a Johnson for a reason), so some of the meanings/origins we didn't need to research.

Donald is Scottish with deep Gaelic and Celtic roots, and means "ruler of the world." (Y'all just let that sink in for a moment...) John is Hebrew in origin and means "God is gracious." (As in, God was being gracious when He gave us Trump, considering we probably didn't deserve a president so full of love.) And Trump, which has its origins in Germany, means "triumph" as a word (the verb/noun being French, actually) and "drum" as a surname.

A lot of people have called our president God's trump card--and rightly so. I believe that God is using Donald John Trump to win America back to Him, and He is using the man's very name to tell us so.

Y'all continue to pray and CELEBRATE, because the American people will win this election!

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