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Name of the Week: Kenneth

If y'all joined me the last two Saturdays for my short story, Home for Christmas, then you'll remember my character Kenneth Merritt. I knew it'd be fun to mix it up a little bit this week and share a name from a different work--so here we go!

Kenneth was super popular in the mid-1900s, but it's been around long before then. Since the before 9th century, Kenneth's original forms Coinneach and Cináed have been common in Scotland and Ireland. Variants like Kennit are found in Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian, while you're liable to stumble across a few Kennys, Kens, Keninas, and Kennas in English-speaking countries.

Kenneth is also related to the Scottish surname MacKenzie (but you already called that one, didn't ya?).

Kenneth has two meanings, since it's the Anglicized form of two different names. Per its roots in the name Coinneach, Kenneth means "handsome," and from its roots in the Scottish and Irish name Cináed it means "born of fire."

I'll be honest, I just picked the name out because it was popular during the time my character was born, but it has such interesting meanings and origins (you'll find I love anything Scottish and Irish) that I might just have to use it again!

I know I'm cutting it short this week, but that's because I have so much going on during the holidays! Short Story Saturday will continue until the end of the month, I had an author interview this time last week, and my giveaway for The Gift of Her Heart is still running! Don't forget to enter for a chance to win!!!

Y'all have a very merry Christmas!

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