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Prisoner at Heart 1st Anniversary Week! (Day 1: Quote Graphics)

So, um, right off the bat, you may have noticed that I misspelled "anniversary." My apologies.

Hopefully, after you bemoaned my mistake, you realized that IT'S HERE! The day is finally here! Today marks the beginning of a week-long celebration of my second (and latest) novel's 1st anniversary. Every day from now until October 29th, I'll be sharing behind-the-scenes pictures, inspirational songs, and even some never-before-seen deleted scenes from Prisoner at Heart! Keep up with each post, because on Sunday, October 25th, Prisoner at Heart goes ON SALE on Amazon for $3.99!! (Kindle version only.) You'll want the FIRST chance to snag a copy before the sale ends on October 31st!

But today, I want to share with y'all some of my favorite quotes from Prisoner at Heart and the graphics I designed for them! I designed some during the writing process that were (1) not very good and (2) made with copyrighted photos--so of course I can't, and really don't want to, share them on here. However, if you come back tomorrow, you'll get to see the original graphics AND a shipload of other visual treats!

My most favorite quote comes from Chapter 23 and is probably one of the more profound realizations Elliot makes in this book (non-spiritually, that is).

I'm not that great of a graphic designer, and the picture doesn't actually fit the story...but I just love this image and the emotion in it.

My second favorite quote (and probably everyone else's favorite too) comes from Chapter 28 and Crimson's very powerful conversion scene.

Just take a moment...isn't that so beautiful?

Here is the quote from Elliot's conversion scene in Chapter 17, which I've actually quoted in a conversation before. (Feel free to do so yourself!)

Words aside, that is a beautiful picture. And the color scheme fits Prisoner at Heart so well! (Bit of trivia here: who said this in PAH?)

Lastly, the first quote from PAH--from Chapter 1, actually.

This one speaks to us all. His will will be done. That is such an important lesson that I reiterate it in Bound and Determined.

Anyway...I hope y'all like these quotes and graphics, and I know it may not seem like much, but if y'all leave in the comments one of YOUR favorite quotes from Prisoner at Heart, I will create a new graphic and show y'all tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow...I have a LOT of goodies in store for tomorrow, so please, come back to check out the inspiration behind my characters and favorite scenes on Pinterest!

Also, feel free to share these graphics on social media and tell your friends that THE SALE IS COMING!

I'll close with an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Prisoner at Heart:

"The ship was slowly coming into view, and anticipation seemed to take me over. It was a large brigantine, appearing to bob proudly in the waves, her crisp white sails flapping almost tauntingly. Well, I would take that challenge, as everyone knew I would.

I squinted through my spyglass, as though ‘twould help me see straight through the hull to the vast amount of cargo in the hold. I myself was in need of new canvas for my sails, and Dorian had mentioned needing more ingredients for his sludge. Stark was out of laudanum and bandages. And Ellie was already growing right out of the shirts I had only just mended for him. Hopefully, though, I would find much more than medicine and fabric on board.

My men were growing restless these days, longing for more coins and rum, a bigger adventure, such as the ones we used to embark upon. A few, I knew, were thirsting for blood. But the rules had changed on board my ship, a beautiful thirteen-year-old man-o’-war christened the Rina. And unnecessary killing was no longer allowed. Neither was the capture and plunder of any ship that did not fly the French flag.

Speaking of a flag… I pulled my gaze up to the mainmast of the brig, a slow smirk creeping up my lips at the sight of the glorious red, white, and blue flag of France. I handed the spyglass to my quarter-master, who stood at my right, his arms folded over his burly bare chest. 'Hows about an estimate, Keat?'

Keaton Clarke only had to glance at the vessel once before his emerald eyes began to twinkle in a grin that rarely played on his lips. 'Let’s just say that the men will be very happy with this one.'"

Excerpts from Prisoner at Heart: Copyright © 2019 Grace Ann Johnson

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