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Serial Spotlight: Those Who Were Given Another Yesterday

Ni Hao! Now, you may be asking yourself why is Grace, the self-proclaimed Plain Old English Gal, greeting us in Chinese? The answer is simple, my friends! Today, I am spotlighting an emerging young Chinese author's work, Those Who Were Given Another Yesterday!

Linyang Zhang is not only an insanely talented writer, she's also one of my best friends! I actually had the chance to interview her back in December! If you're interested in learning more about her, check out that post!

Today, I'm going to be talking a wee bit about her latest web serial...making this my first ever serial spotlight! In the future, it'll look more like my regular Coming Soon spotlights, so if y'all have any serials (such as Kindle Vella's new stories) that you'd like me to share about, let me know in the comments!!!

Linyang's story is available to read for free, so after learning some more about it, please go check it out! Subscribe to the story and hit the like button! (Unless, of course, you didn't like it...which is basically impossible, because everything this girl writes is like perfection, and I'm so jealous. ANYWAY.)

Now, without further ado, let's dive into Linyang's work!


About the Serial

Nine characters are trapped in a time loop. Yesterday they were friends, tomorrow they will be enemies. Today...they can only live in the present.

With memories being constantly wiped and identities exchanged with every reset, can the nine of them work together to break the loop? Or will they be forced to relive these few months of their lives forever?

#fantasy #mystery #drama #urban #timetravel


Other Works

Some of Linyang's other work include I Once Was Human, a Chinese web serial available to read here; a variety of amazing short stories that you can learn more about here; AND her latest story, Visionaries, which is featured in Imagine: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems from the Teen Writers' Nook Family! I just read Visionaries the other night, and lemme tell ya, that was one fabulous story! You can purchase Imagine on Kindle or in paperback!


About the Author

Linyang Zhang is a Chinese-American Christian who has an affinity for coffee ice cream and lemon pastries. She enjoys learning new languages and dabbles in translation. She writes to glorify her King and to touch the souls of others. When she's not studying, sleeping, or working on a project she enjoys Christopher Nolan movies, listening to music, and watching anime. She currently resides in Eastern Mass as a student. You can connect with her on her website:

#serialspotlight #webserial #asianauthor #teenauthor #youngauthor #christianauthor #chinesefiction #imagine

Bookishly yours,


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