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Single Line Story Challenge Tag

When I first read Bella's post, I thought to myself "Dude, that looks cool. I wanna do that. But I stink at one-sentence anythings."

So imagine my surprise when I realized I'd been tagged!

This was actually way easier and funner (that is too a word...don't give me that red line!) than I'd expected, and I would so do it again! I probably will, actually, so y'all let me know which genre of story y'all like the best and which line was your favorite! Lucky for me, I've written in pretty much all of these genres, so I was able to pull from some old story ideas for inspiration!

Also, I hope y'all don't mind, but I add a bit of commentary to some!

Anyway, I'm too excited about this one to keep chattering! Let's go!


The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you. (Thank you, Bella!!! Check out her post here!)

  • Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (you can pick which ones you do!):

    • fantasy

    • romance

    • thriller

    • mystery

    • western

    • contemporary

    • historical

    • drama

    • dystopian

    • adventure

    • sci-fi

    • paranormal

    • young adult

  • You can choose 5 genres that’s easiest for you, or you can challenge yourself to try something new! (Pft, I’ve written something in every single one of these genres, so I’ll do them all!)

  • Nominate 5 blogger/writers who you’d love to see participate and leave an open nomination for all writers!

  • You can do this challenge more than once.


The Stories


My best friend is a frog, I thought ruefully, as I glared down at the once lovely young prince who now bore the curse of being a frog for, presumably, the rest of his life. (So maybe this is more of a fairytale...but that still counts as fantasy, so I’mma roll with it!)


With his blue eyes shuttered from her and his lips parted, he began his descent, gently caressing her mouth. (What’s more romantic than a kiss?)


“Objection, Your Honor!” he roared, surging from his seat and jabbing a gnarled finger at the defendant as he hurtled unfounded accusations at him. (Plot twist! It’s a legal thriller!)


Eve dropped to her knees before the wastebasket underneath Mr. Speare’s desk, rummaging through pencil shavings and napkins and crumpled papers to find their only clue.


The rickety spokes of the wagon clattered noisily as it pulled to a halt outside of Mr. Avery’s mercantile, a dusty rider clambering off and stepping onto the boardwalk.


I slid my phone out of my back pocket, checking for texts from Mom, who was supposed to message me an hour ago after Dad’s surgery.


Miriam clutched her sodden bonnet to her equally soaking bodice, blinking away the rain on her lashes to better glimpse the grey-clad soldier lingering in her backyard. (Anyone wanna guess the era? Or the war?)


“I was her best friend!” I shouted at the insolent girl who dared to assume she had a right to criticize Alli, God rest her soul.


The ruins stretched out as far as the eye could see, remnants of civilization still clinging to the land in the form of scattered bricks and crumbling archways. (Could be Greece...could be a dystopian fantasy world. You decide.)


Roarke gripped the hilt of his sword tightly as he swung into the saddle, readying for whatever the king ordered him to do. (Because, yes, knights go on the best adventures.)


The computers powered up with a chirp and Jindi’s voice began recounting today’s schedule, starting with finalizing the plans for the President’s droid army.


The hand before me wavered, flesh melting into a mere illusion…my sister fading into a ghost. (This is legit based off a story I'm writing with a friend.)

Young Adult:

Prom was in three days and I had neither a dress nor a date...hence why I was currently holed up in my room with a nearly empty bag of stress-relieving potato chips. (Raise your hand if you'd be holed up in your room regardless. *throws up hand*)


The Tags

Let's see...first of all, any writer reading this post is more than welcome to do this tag on their blog OR, if you don't have a blog, please feel free to drop a few lines in the comments below! I'd love to read your stories!

Second, I have no idea how I'm supposed to pick just five writers. Honestly, I'm at the point where I'll just stick with the open invite! Seriously, though, I'd love to see Joelle Stone, Kads, Kristina Hall, Vanessa Hall, AND my lovely and talented friend Sophia S. (yes, I am calling you out, girlfriend!) try out a few stories!

For real, Soph. Give it a go, will ya? *grins cheekily*

Ooh, and Iris, Libby, Kristianne, and...yep, just...if you're reading this, do the tag, okay?


Well, I dunno about y'all, but that was fun! I consider myself predominately a historical romance author, but FUN FACT, I started out as a mystery/sci-fi/fantasy author. Crazy, I know, right? So I've had some experience with each genre, which made this tag a wee bit easier! What about y'all? What's your favorite genre? To read? To write? What's the first one you've ever read/written in? What's your least favorite genre (apart from horror and erotica, of course)?

Bookishly Yours,


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Dec 09, 2021

This was so awesome, Grace!! All of them were so good and intriguing and perfectly that genre in only one sentence! Super fun to read!

It reminds me of something my sister and I used to do all the time, only the sentences we wrote had to challenge the other to write a story about it...

Am I too late to put in my American Civil War guess ?😉

Thanks so much for sharing!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Dec 09, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ooh, that sounds like fun!

Not at all! ;) You've got it right!

My pleasure! Thank you for reading! :)


Saraina Whitney
Dec 08, 2021

Eee, that was SO cool!!!! Both how fascinating they each were and how natural they felt!! Like, each gave me a completely different vibe - you encapsulated the feel of each genre so well! Those need to become real stories one day (and I so want to read that story you're writing with a friend someday, since it was based off that! :D). I'm really not familiar with paranormal but from what I've heard, it sounds like a mix of fantasy and sci-fi set in the real world. Kinda...ish? Oh and that historical single line is definitely Civil War! I know that thanks to hours of watching Gettysburg and Gods and Generals with my family, lol! Well, if I'm wrong…

Saraina Whitney
Dec 09, 2021
Replying to

Ah ok, that does make sense!! (That's right... I've heard of each three... lol!)

Yay!! Haha!


Kristina Hall
Dec 08, 2021

Thanks so much for tagging me! This is a fun challenge! And I loved reading all your one-sentence stories! So good!!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Dec 09, 2021
Replying to

Of course! Good point! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Joelle Stone
Dec 08, 2021

MWAHAHAHAHAHA THANK YOU FOR THE TAG, GRACE!!! This is gonna be a LOT of fun and I can't wait to do it! Plus, reading your sentences was quite entertaining - I MUST KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS KNIGHT!! And I'm guessing Civil War era, and the main character is in the north, so probably on the Union side, and the soldier in her back yard is a Confederate. Am I right? *eager look*

Joelle Stone
Dec 08, 2021
Replying to

*pumps fist*


Vanessa Hall
Dec 08, 2021

Wow, Grace, you just took the ball and ran with it! All of the genres! I am so impressed. Also, now you need to write all of these stories. And did I catch a glimpse of a ... Civil War novel? 🤣

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Dec 08, 2021
Replying to

I do nothing halfway! ;) Thank you!! I do plan on writing some of these, for sure! And YES! You did!


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