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The CATastrophic Cat Blog

Hey, howdy, hi! Today, I'm throwing all convention to the wind and introducing to y'all the amazing--and catastrophic--online home of moi's beloved crazy cat lady--pardon me, sister. Here, on The CATastrophic Cat Blog, my sister shares fun facts about cats, compare/contrasts cat breeds, and gives you the dope on the breed of the month!

It all started out when my mother and I claimed that she needed a place to share her love for and knowledge of cats (and I said she sorely needed a hobby). For there, TCCB was born. I helped her design the site (and all those great graphics) and she published it, along with her first blog post, "Ragdolls vs Ragamuffins" (which is an exploration into the differences of the cousin breeds), a couple days ago.

The name comes from the quite "catastrophic" creation of said blog, which had us trying out two separate website-hosting platforms and multiple templates, etc. and struggling to come up with a title. My sister turned down, quite vehemently, I might add, The Litter Box and Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady, so I basically forced The CATastrophic Cat Blog on her. When we told our mother about my creative epiphany, she was rather impressed, and so the name stuck.

Anyway, it's a great blog and Miss Crazy Cat Lady--er, Miss Johnson is very knowledgeable about felines and such. I (or, well, she) invites y'all to subscribe to her blog to receive notifications about any new posts, and I invite y'all to read her first post about ragdolls and ragamuffins, which is rather interesting!

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