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The Writerly Resolutions Tag

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

I never make personal resolutions, but I’m all for writerly ones! Thanks, E. G. Bella, for the tag! I can’t wait to get into your questions and share some of my writerly hopes for this year!

(Dude, that was legit the shortest intro ever. Comment yea if you preferred this short intro over my long, rambling ones or nay if you would rather me rattle on for another hundred words!)



  • Include the official Writerly Resolutions banner in your post.

  • Link back to the person who tagged you. If you weren’t tagged, link back to the website you found the tag on. (Thank you, Bella!)

  • Tag at least 5 other bloggers who are also writers. You can tag as many people as you want!

  • Ask them 5 new questions about their writing goals.



1. What’s one aspect of writing you’d like to improve in this year?

All of it. I mean, it’s never good enough. #professionalperfectionist Seriously, though, I’d love to get better at plotting, researching, outlining. Technical stuff like that, since I’m a total pantser for everything. Of course, I’m always open to honing and developing my writing style/voice more, so once I finally finish Bound and Determined, I’d like to try and find my personal style again (I had it once upon a time, but then I lost it in the middle of all this pirateyness) and experiment with new styles!

2. Do you have a new type of writing you’d like to try this year? (screenplay, poetry, short stories, novels, blogging, etc.)

I have literally done all of the above except for screenwriting. As much as I would like to give that a go, I don’t think this is the year. However, I would like to get better at poetry, flash fiction, and short stories, as I tend to err on the side of 220k-long projects. I need something shorter and less time-consuming, y’all.

3. What’s your biggest writing goal this year?

FINISH AND PUBLISH BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MUST complete this novel and get it off my hard drive and into the world!!!!!!!!

4. Is there a writing habit you’d like to develop this year?

Actually writing.

*cough cough* Not that I don’t write...I do. Just not consistently, and I stink at time management, and I want to be more in control of what/how I write instead of just winging it all the time. Even though winging it is soooo fun. So, basically, every kind of positive and beneficial writing habit. Including sleeping.

5. One year from now, how would you like to be able to describe your writing?

Ooh, that’s interesting. I’ve thought about how I’d describe my writing once or twice, but I never could come up with anything. As for how I’d like to describe it in a year from now...hmm...well, let me try to describe my writing now, just for comparison. I’ll go with five adjectives because why not?

Introspective, rambling, engaging, verbose, and antique.

Introspective on my characters’ parts, not mine; rambling on Rina’s part...and mine; engaging in terms of...I dunno, I just needed something positive; verbose, because as you can tell by my 220k novel, I am nothing if not wordy; and antique not necessarily because my writing itself is outdated or because I write like I’m from the 19th century, but because I naturally have a more historical slant to my prose.

As for a year from now…

Balanced, poignant, emotional, vibrant, and versatile.

I want my writing to be balanced between all my wordy ramblings and what really needs to be said; poignant so that every word has an effect on the reader; emotional in terms of the emotion I express through my writing and the emotion I invoke in readers; vibrant, because writing that is alive and vivid and colorful possesses a beauty all its own; and versatile, as I want to be able to transition smoothly from era to era, genre to genre, and character to character without my prose seeming out of place.

That’s a pretty tall order right there.


Questions + Tagees

#1 Looking back, how has your writing changed over the course of last year? Are you satisfied with your growth or are you looking to evolve more over this year?

#2 What needs the most change and thereby the most attention?

#3 How will you be focusing more on that aspect of your writing this year?

#4 What kind of impact do you want your actions to have upon the aforementioned aspect?

#5 Because all these questions sound like something out of a writing self-help book, it’s time for a fun one! What plot trope, character, theme, idea, etc., would you like to write about this year?

I'm tagging...

  • E. K. Seaver

  • Saraina Whitney

  • Kads @ Your Writerly Friend Kads

  • Kristina Hall

  • Vanessa Hall

  • Iris @ Elfwing’s Adventures

Y’all are it! And, yes, I’m only tagging six people because it is like pulling teeth to get me to think of more than two bloggers on such short notice...but, if you’re a writer, do consider yourself tagged! Tag piracy is encouraged in this vicinity. *winks* *lifts bottle o’ rum in salute*

Yours in spirit and script,


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