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Things a Toddler Teaches

Lessons I’ve learned from a two-year-old.

Smile. Find joy in everything—including your uncle purposefully burping in your face.

Be Kind. Do the little things for other people, especially when you don’t have to, like picking up someone else’s trash and throwing it away.

Be Still. Sometimes the best thing you can do is stop and wait, to be still and know that God’s got this. Or just take a nap on the way home.

Don’t Worry. Not even about ice cream all over your super cute shirt. It’ll wash.

Calm Down. Even if it takes a squishy snowman to do it for you. In the end, the problem isn’t as big as it seems.

Trust. And not just in your mother’s driving. Trust in the One Who holds you in the palm of His hand.

Have Fun. No matter the circumstances, there’s always fun to be had. Sometimes it’s found in a deck of cards or in a rocket ship that doesn’t move.

Sometimes the greatest teachers are children. What have kids taught you?

(Originally published November 30th, 2019.)

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