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'Tis the Season for Giveaways!

Happy December, everyone! 2020 has flown by (for me, at least), and now Christmas is right around the corner! And y'all know what Christmas means!


All right, it also means JESUS, family, food, fellowship, love, joy, peace on earth, snow, warm fires, hot cocoa, and fuzzy socks. Unless you live down South, of course, and it means deer hunting, swimming pools, beach trips, football, fried chicken, and sweet tea!

But from now until Dec. 23rd, we're going to be focusing on the present part of Christmas, with a GIVEAWAY!

This will be the first time I've ever hosted an online giveaway, so I'm praying there will be no kinks--however, if there are, just bear with me and enjoying getting a taste of what's to come this Christmas season with Short Story Saturday, my gift to EVERYONE, which begins Dec. 5th!

I released my new Christmas novella, The Gift of Her Heart, back in May this year, and I've recently updated the story, the cover, and published in in print as well--which you can read about in my post last month. When all of the updates debuted, I had a Thanksgiving sale going on in my hometown--but if you missed that and the print copies available, or if you or a family member prefer the Kindle format, then today is your lucky day!

If you're not interested in entering the giveaway, then I ask you to PLEASE share with your friends, family, and on social media! Spread the word to support freebies, good literature, and indie authors! The success of this giveaway will determine whether or not I host a giveaway for Bound and Determined in 2021, so if you'd like to see my upcoming novel appear in your inbox, get your name in the hat to win a free e-novella!

The terms are simple.

#1 The giveaway starts RIGHT NOW and ends midnight (Eastern Standard Time) December 23rd.

#2 Winners will be announced on December 24th--if you win, I'll send you an email containing your prize!

#3 ONLY FIVE winners will be chosen. The rest of y'all can join me every Saturday for a new short story!

#4 All I need from you is your first name and email address--no other information is required, and I'll not be exploiting your email address in any form or fashion.

#5 Once you've entered, you'll also be signed up for blog notifications and my monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe at anytime or enjoy weekly goodies until the next giveaway!

#6 I'll be sending the winners a copy in their preferred format--MOBI (for the Kindle app/devices), ePUB (for Adobe Digital Editions), or PDF (for your internet browser).

#7 If you aren't sure you'd like to read The Gift of Her Heart, that's fine! You can share with your friends and family or, better yet, you can enter and, if you win, send your copy to a friend for them to enjoy! (Makes Christmas shopping easy, huh?)

#8 Have a very merry Christmas!

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