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Tour and Giveaway Wrap-Up (Daylight Launch Tour)

*facepalm* Y'all know how I promised to wrap up the tour yesterday? Yeah, that obviously didn't happen. Why? Because I had a ridiculously busy day and was thiiiiiiis close to finishing up this post when my wifi shut off. So, you know. Here we are now. A day later. Oh, well. Anyway...

The launch tour has officially ended, my lovelies, and as sad as that seems, it is truly a cause for celebration!!! All of you have made the launch a HUGE success, for which I am exceedingly grateful! I sold three preorder copies and NINE copies since it released! YIPPEE! I mean, I've given away just as many, but still.

Anyway, enough chit-chat. I've got a ton of stuff to share with y'all and I've held off too long already!


Giveaway Winner...

Who is the lucky winner of a copy of Daylight and that "extra fun stuff?" (Extra fun stuff being desktop wallpapers and printable bookmarks...nothing fancy.)

Sawyer Marie!!!

Congratulations, girl! Check your inbox for your prizes!!

Thank you to all who entered! You may have missed this giveaway, but there's still a chance to win if you subscribe to my newsletter! I'll be giving away Daylight to three lucky subscribers next month!


The Tour

Missed a post? Not to worry! I've got all the direct links here! Enjoy!

Sept. 1st:

Blog Tour/Giveaway Kickoff

Character Q&A with Joelle Stone

Sept. 2nd:

Review from Kristina Hall

Sept. 3rd:

Review + Interview with E. G. Bella

Sept. 4th:

Review from Kat at TWN

Sept. 5th:

Book Club Kit + Character Q&A

Sept. 6th:

Review from Kristianne Hassman

Author Interview with Victoria Crooks

Sept. 7th:

Author Interview with Issabelle Perry

Sept. 8th:

Character Q&A with E. C. Colton

Sept. 9th:

What Readers Have to Say!

Sept. 10th:

Review from Vanessa Hall

Sept. 11th:

Review from Abigail Kay Harris

Review from Heaven at The Book Cubicle

Never Forget

Sept. 13th:

Giveaway Wrap-Up (also known as the post you're reading right now!)


Where to Buy the Book

I hope you've snagged a Kindle copy for $0.99, because the price is going up to $1.99 today! Not into Kindle? Then check out the other sellers, like Barnes & Noble, here!


There have been some rumors circulating about my writing a sequel...okay, technically, they're not rumors. They're true statements issued out by yours truly...and even though I don't have many details beyond a title, I thought I'd share a short sneak peek into what the sequel should look like!

So, without further ado, I present Something Bright and Beautiful! (Also known as SBaB...pronounced suh-bab. *winks*)


chapter one

new york city

sept. 14, 2001

The doorway to August’s room looms before me, empty. Hollow. Kind of stinky, to be honest. Like old socks and dirt and smoke—certainly not the type of smell you’d expect to lure a person in...but it does.

My fingers latch onto the door frame for support, my feet sluggish as I try to get them over the threshold.

It feels wrong being in here without him, though. Almost as if I’m invading his inner sanctuary. Which is laughable, really, because August never spends any more time in his room than he has to. He’ll catch a few winks between nine pm and five am, then throw on his clothes and be out of there.

Come to think of it, he’s not at home that much at all these days. Ever since he was promoted to crew chief, he’s been hard at work every day from six in the morning to six in the evening. Then it’s straight to Vinny’s to grab dinner and back home for a shower and some sleep. On top of that, he’s always at my place on the weekends, crashing in front of the TV, working on a new sketch, annoying me as I try to fold laundry.

Loneliness clenches me. It hasn’t ever been so quiet when I’ve folded clothes as it was this morning. And there wasn’t anything of Pops’ this time. No ratty shirts or beer-stained tanks or polka dot boxers or sweaty socks.

Just my stuff and one shirt of August’s that he threw in last week and I forgot to wash.

I block out the images of my clothes all alone in the laundry basket, close off the sight of my dad’s bedroom even emptier than August’s, suppress the roil of my stomach that threatens to toss my lunch.

I’m not here for an emotional breakdown. I’m not here to torture myself with all the memories and the what ifs. I’m here to get August’s sketchbook and leave. Quickly.


What do y'all think? Worth reading more of? Or should I leave well enough alone, eh? What would you like to see occur in the novel? Let me know the comments!

Thanks again for being a part of this project and bringing it into the world! I hope and pray that it brings a little bit of daylight into someone's life! Y'all have a fabulous week, and I'll see ya where you typically hang about - the funny papers! *winks*

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Bookishly yours,


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