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Y'all know I LOVE free stuff. I mean, I spend astronomical amounts of money at Bath & Body Works just so I can get one. thing. free. I've also entered so many giveaways that I couldn't keep count if I tried! (I can count, however, how many I've won. Zero.)

Anyway, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so I thought--very short-term, I'm now realizing--"Why don't I do a giveaway?"

Well, I hem-hawed about what to actually give away, before I finally decided...

I'mma let y'all choose!

First things first, lemme give you the rules...

#1 The giveaway starts February 1st (as in, yesterday!) and ends noon (Eastern Standard Time) February 14th!

#2 Winners will be announced on February 14th--if you win, I'll send you an email containing your prize!

#3 ONLY ONE winner will be chosen. The rest of y'all can stick around for all of the fun goodies I send out in my newsletter each month and all the cool stuff goin' on my blog!

#4 All I need from you is your email address--no other information is required, and I'll not be exploiting your email in any form or fashion.

#5 Once you've entered, you'll be signed up for my monthly newsletter (if you aren't already). You can unsubscribe at anytime or enjoy monthly goodies until the next giveaway!

#6 I'll be sending the winner a copy in their preferred format--MOBI (for the Kindle app/devices), ePUB (for Adobe Digital Editions), or PDF (for your internet browser). Again, you get to choose!

#7 If you aren't sure you'd like to enter, that's fine! You can share with your friends and family or, better yet, you can enter and, if you win, send your copy to a friend for them to enjoy!

#8 Have a very happy Valentine's Day!


Want more giveaway goodies? Some of my fellow authors are hosting a super fun giveaway that you can enter right here!

Now, I know the sound of only one winner might be a wee bit disappointing, but guess what! Just for entering, you get a free short story! Plus, if you've reviewed any of my books (or if you want to), just let me know and I would LOVE to reward you with a short story of your choice! Happy Valentine's, guys!

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