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Vote, Vote, Vote!

Just because November 3rd is over doesn't mean we aren't still voting. Down here in Georgia, we've got a run-off election for our senators, if you haven't heard. Oh, wait. You have?'s kind of hectic around here.

Anyway, we've already voted, and now I'm here to encourage all of you to vote, vote, vote! But I'm not talking about national or state elections.

I'm talking about voting for your favorite book cover.

Wait. What?

Yeah, you weren't expecting that, were you?

Well, AllAuthor is hosting a Cover of the Month contest...and guess who's just entered?

Yours truly, with her personal favorite cover:

I know I was super excited when Roseanna White sent me this cover! She captured everything that I wanted perfectly, and just with a few buttons in Photoshop! Do you think this cover is beautiful? If you do, let the world know and vote for the cover of Prisoner at Heart this month! (Btw, I know not all of the covers on here are, uh, suitable for human eyes...which is why we're going to influence good covers! Right? Right. Thank you.)


Also, are you interested in reading Prisoner at Heart for FREE? Yep, totally free! All you've got to do is post a review on either Amazon, Goodreads, or BookBub! You can download a free copy of my second novel here! Don't forget to share on social media if you're not interested! Special thanks to all of you who read and reviewed Held Captive! I really appreciate it!

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