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welcome to the tour! (tmylm & stl blog tour)

Here I go again, forgetting to write my kickoff post. *glares at self* ANYWAY, today begins the epic, giveaway-filled, love-centered tour for not one but TWO beautiful, God-honoring romance anthologies!

Most of y'all know about Tell Me You Love Me, but it's not the only Christian romance anthology releasing on Valentine's Day! Allow me to introduce y'all to Seize the Love!


about seize the love

Honoring the Love of the Savior

Agape. Eros. Philia. Storge

All forms of love… Seize the Love pulls readers into an anthology of stories all showing love. A love that honors God even as the reader flips the pages to find the story of a dying request, a random encounter, finding proof of God’s love, reunited siblings, caring for others, finding hope, love among the hard and easy, and more stories.

No matter the form of love, you’ll find stories sure to warm your heart, bring a smile or a tear, and hopefully remind you of the love of the One who created you.

Matthew 22:37

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Featuring various love stories sure to please the whole family.


Doesn't it just sound lovely? If you'd like to learn more or even have the chance to win an e-copy of Seize the Love (or TMYLM, or both!), then be sure to follow the tour schedule for more fabulous posts coming soon!

February 7th

Grace A. Johnson – tour kickoff

H.S. Kylian – anthologies spotlight & giveaway

Kaytlin Phillips – anthologies spotlight & giveaway

February 8th

Grace A. Johnson – anthologies spotlight & giveaway

February 9th

Rhys-Marie Whitnell – anthologies spotlight & STL review

February 10th

Vanessa Hall – STL spotlight & anthologies giveaway

Weekend Break

February 13th

Lilly Wiscaver – STL spotlight & giveaway

Allyson Jamison – STL spotlight

February 14th – Release Day!

Madisyn Carlin – STL spotlight & giveaway

Lillian Keith – anthologies spotlight & giveaway

February 15th

Kellyn Roth – anthologies spotlight

February 16th

February 17th

Kristina Hall – anthologies giveaway

Vanessa Hall – TMYLM review

Weekend Break

February 20th

Allyson Jamison – TMYLM spotlight

February 21st

Merie Shen – TMYLM review & anthologies giveaway

Katja Labonte – anthologies spotlight

Katja Labonte – anthologies review

Abigail Kay Harris – tour conclusion


I am SO excited for this tour and these anthologies!!! What about you? What other Christian romances are you excited for this year? Let's celebrate God-honoring, beautiful romance in the comments! 🥰

yours in spirit and script,


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