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What Readers Have to Say! (Daylight Launch Tour)

Reviews are pouring in, y'all, and I am pleased to say that Daylight is looking like a success, all thanks to my amazing reviewers!!! Y'all are the best!

Now, because positive reviews - or reviews of any kind - make my like author heart want to jump for joy, I want to share a little bit of what readers are saying about Daylight!


“Out of the ashes of 911 comes Daylight, a poignant short story about a tragic moment in American history, where glimmers of hope emerge from glimmers of pain when a quiet love rises from the ashes of friendship nearly lost.” – Julie Lessman, award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston and Isle of Hope series.

“Rich with emotion, this 9/11 story will pull you into the aftermath of one of America’s greatest tragedies. The author has skillfully interwoven the pain with hope, the loss with new beginning, and the fear with a tender touch of romance. Definitely a read you won’t want to put down!” — Willowy Whisper, Selah award-winning author

“It takes talent to make me care about characters in a novel, much less in a short story. Grace Johnson has that talent in abundance. I need more of August and Sylvie!” – Kristina Hall, author of the Moretti trilogy

“A beautiful short story of daylight, hope, and rising from the ashes. With a poetic writing style and a lifelike cast of characters, Johnson paints a gentle reminder of hope in every sunrise.” – E. C. Colton, author of Shards of Sky

"I'm amazed at the depth of character development Grace A. Johnson packed into this nine-page wonder. I feel like I know August and Sylvie, and the dialect only added to the depth. . . . [T]his story captures the essence of grief and hope, strength and sorrow, darkness and, well, daylight." - Jayna Baas, author of Preacher on the Run

"I seriously cannot recommend this short story enough. The author did a fantastic job writing this short story, it just really is one of the BEST I've read out there, and it's hitting my list of top favorites of Grace Johnson's works!! It's so poignant and heartfelt, with such a beautiful message of the hope that God brings, that He can restore and make good from evil." - Sophia, Goodreads reviewer

"Writing about a national tragedy like 9/11 can pose difficulties, but Grace really captured the horrible essence of that day very well. . . . Definitely go check this story out - you won't regret it." - Vanessa Hall, author of Unknown

"'Daylight' tugged at my heart and brought me to the reality of the events of 9/11. I felt as if I was experiencing the trauma that the characters experienced. 9/11 always brings me to tears, and I am so glad that there are stories like 'Daylight' that give us a glimpse into the event so that we can relate and understand those who lived through it." - Katherine, Teen Writers' Nook


Seriously. My heart... It pleases me more than y'all could ever know to see people out there actually liking my writing. (Yes, I am very insecure and hungry for affirmation. Cut me some slack, I'm only a kid.)

But there are more reviews to come!!! Keep following the tour (schedule here) for more posts!

Don't forget to preorder before the price goes up! The discount will stick around on Kindle until the 13th, but the price will go up to $1.99 on the other sites on the 10th! Want a copy for free? Then enter here for a chance to win Daylight and more goodies!!

What's coming up next on my blog? A super special release day post that includes a glimpse into the future! (Well, the future for August and'll still be our present!) Be there or be...well, technically you won't be square. You just won't be there, like the rest of the world's population, who are so missing out! *winks*

Peace, love, and daylight, y'all! *blows kisses*

Bookishly yours,


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