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You HAVE to Check This Out!

So, I want y'all to meet my friend! Her name is Emily K. Seaver, and, y'all, this girl is mighty talented! I have a lot of goodies to share in this post, but that's not all! Emily will be back with a guest post this month!

Without further ado, meet Emily!

If you’re ever looking for E. K. Seaver, you can probably find her hiding in her room with chocolate while pounding away at her computer, penning her next novel or poem and belting off-key Broadway songs. She loves her King and strives to honor him. In her younger years she refused to settle on one creative outlet, bouncing from knitting to drawing to making movies with her family members and more. But once she found writing she knew where all the crazy ideas stored up in her brain could finally come out: on the page. She’s written as long as she could hold a crayon, and told stories even before that. However, when she turned twelve and began her first novella, she learned that stories were so much more than just something to do for pleasure, but they can also honor her Creator.

She strives for her stories to hold a meaning behind the tale, and attempts to follow in the footsteps of some of her favorite authors. She is in the process of editing the first book in The Reflections Trilogy.

I actually had the pleasure of beta-reading the first book in her trilogy, so take it from me when I say this girl can write! But that's not all! She's also an amazing designer! You can check out her beautiful designs here! (If you don't want to follow the link--I know how you feel--keep reading to take a peek at just a few designs!)

Now, for the good stuff! Em has just started up an email newsletter, and y'all have the chance to be some of the first subscribers! She has special sneak-peeks and perks just for her newsletter subscribers, and--guess what! (This is the best part!) Once she hits 100 subscribers, she's gonna start toward publishing!!!! Eek!!! Can you feel the excitement, guys??? It's contagious!!!

(Yes, I'm being much perkier than usual!!!)

Anyway...I also suggest you check out her blog, where she's posting everyday for the next 12 days, I believe (one month straight of daily blogging), and where you can check out her serial! Here's the first installment! She's also shared some fantastic aesthetics for her books that are just...ugh...

You can also find her on Pinterest, Goodreads, her other blog, and Instagram under @growingintofriends!

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