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short stories

little stories with a big impact


9/11 short story. Published September 11th, 2021.


It was too late.

The whole world knew it, the nations shaking their heads at the fallen United States, our beautiful country of hope and freedom covered in blood and ashes.

Only the devil could’ve planned something so disastrous.

Only God could save us now.

Only God could save August.

It was all my fault that he nearly lost his life, dashing back into the hailstorm of debris to save a man who was already dead. I can only hope that he’ll recover—that we will recover.

Because some things will never be forgotten.

Daylight is a heart-rending short story of grief and rejoicing in the aftermath of 9/11 by bestselling author, Grace A. Johnson.

What happened yesterday will never fade. We will never forget. For the sake of the soldier, the first responder, the dead, the dying, and the grieving...for the sake of America and every person who ever lived or ever will live in our great country...we will never forget.

- Daylight

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Six O'clock

YA short story. Published March 20th, 2021.

Six O'clock.png

I’ll never forget that morning.


Extraordinary things are known to happen on ordinary days. And June 11th was an ordinary day for Kenya Brogan...until one hour changed everything.


Grace A. Johnson makes her debut into contemporary fiction with a haunting short story that will captivate you from page one!

Soon, soon, the day shall end

Soon we all shall die

Soon, soon, the time will come

Soon we say goodbye

- Six O'clock

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The River

Fantasy short story. Published October 3rd, 2020.

The River.jpg

On their own, running for their lives
Or so it seems

In a world plagued by injustice, in a city abandoned by her people, runs a river—its graceful flow beckoning all visitors into the world beyond. Including two mysterious travelers who dare to traverse through the City overrun by watchful Naiads and seductive Sirens.
Will they make it out alive?

Embark upon a fantastical adventure in this short story by author Grace A. Johnson!

“You can either leave or die.”

- The River

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Home for Christmas

Christmas short story. Published November 11th, 2019.

Home for Christmas.jpg

Though everyone else is having a holly, jolly Christmas in Seattle in 1945, Kate Merritt is not. Will St. Nick bring the one thing she wishes for to her door this Christmas?

In a story that inspires, Grace A. Johnson brings a little holiday cheer with her first Christmas short!

“Oh, Katie,” he groaned, his heart stuttering at the sight of her, his pulse tripping as the realization struck him. She was home.

- Home for Christnas

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