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Welcome to 2021!

A lot of bloggers I follow are sharing their 2020 highs and lows and their 2021 goals. Well, I don't really have those. I hope to share a lot of what's coming in this post, but I won't be doing it like everyone else.

For one, I can't look back on 2020 and see a high here or a low there. I can only see God's amazing provision and His guidance. My family and I have been so blessed this year. No one in my family has had COVID and we've all been otherwise healthy. My dad got laid off back in May, but he got exactly what he wished for: a six-month paid vacation and his dream job just in time for Christmas.

As I look back not just on this past year but also my entire life, I can see the hand of God so prominently. I am beyond blessed. I have the most amazing and supportive family a girl could ever wish for. I come from a good home and a lineage I am more than proud of. I've never been seriously sick or hurt. I've never lost any family members or friends close to me. I have had so many awesome opportunities throughout the last few years--from my time dancing to everything that I've gained from writing. I don't have anxiety or depression. I've never been bullied or abused.

I've never known hunger or loneliness, defeat or upheaval. Even though, yeah, 2020 sucked (forgive my language), I have a picture perfect life, on the inside and the outside. I mean no offense to those who don't, but I do encourage you to see the good. Yeah, I had a rough time this last school year that nearly killed my sanity, my dad lost his job (which had fantastic retirement and benefits), and nothing is ever truly perfect...

But I'm alive. And I still have my wonderful family, all eight (not counting me) members of it. In fact, I have only gained from 2020.

And so I hope to gain even more in 2021.


Speaking of 2021, I want to welcome all of you not only into the new year, but also to my new website! You may have noticed much has changed... For one, it's now! Whoop whoop! This site is gonna cost me an arm and a leg, but it'll be worth it.

You'll find I've got all the legal stuff, from a cookies banner to a privacy policy. I've got separate subscription forms--you can sign up to my newsletter, or my blog, or my site in general. I've got separate pages for each of my series, not to mention my Pinterest feed, Spotify playlists, and reviews all there for each book.

And what I'm most excited about?

I'm starting a reviewing service! If you'd like to learn more about what that means, check it out here! Long story short, you can submit your book and I'll review it for you! I've got several different plans for certain types of authors and a terms and conditions pages that made me feel like a lawyer while writing! If you're a writer, go check it out! Good reviews are hard to come by these days, but oh, so worth it!

Apart from that, I've got a lot coming up just this month and a lot that's changing too! My Name of the Week and Ask Ann-Marguerite posts will become once-a-month posts to (1) allow me more time to work on Bound and Determined, (2) keep me from running out of stuff to blog about, and (3) give me the freedom to blog according to the inspiration, not the schedule. My Theories of Man post, which was scheduled for Dec. 28th, 2020, has been pushed down to the end of January. It's looking more like a college thesis every day, and the research that goes into my TOM posts has convinced me to make these quarterly installments. I'll be able to put more time and effort into them, and take suggestions for subjects. (Do you have a question to ask Ann-Marguerite or a theological theory/view you'd like me to uncover? Let me know in the comments below!)

Speaking of Name of the Week...I'm mixing it up this month and introducing Design of the Month! I'll highlight a new design from my Redbubble shop each month (until I decide to go back to names) that you can check out and purchase!

As for what I know will be here, I've got several things planned just for January.

#1 My review of Dreams of Savannah, which will debut on my blog on January 5th!

#2 An author interview with E.B. Roshan, author of Wrong Place, Right Time and Love Costs, on January 7th!

#3 Another sneak peek into Bound and Determined!!! Yippee!

#4 I've also got a cover contest coming up that I'll share more about in the coming days, so keep your eye on my blog!

I hope to have a couple other goodies headed y'all's way, but I make no promises. I have this harebrained idea of trying to finish Bound and Determined by the end of March--which means about 50,000 words in 3 months. Shouldn't be too hard, right? We'll see, and if you want updates on my progress, subscribe to my monthly newsletter!


Welcome to 2021, guys! I pray your year is filled with provision, blessing, and loads of grace! With love

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