daughters of the seven seas

a series of piratical mayhem, love, and redemption

Held Captive

Christian historical romance. Published March 23rd, 2019.

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Captain Rina Blackstone is the most notorious female pirate to ever plunder the Seven Seas and the fiercest captain to ever sail the Atlantic. But one thing she has never been able to handle well is change. When one merchant ship raid takes a wrong turn and results in her capture, Rina has to escape before all the control she's worked so hard to obtain falters.

Xavier Bennet was commissioned seven years ago to find the Duke of Rothsford's long lost daughter. Those seven years have passed without a trace of the woman except for the one letter he believes will lead him to her. When Xavier's ship, the Jessica, finally crosses paths with the Rina, it's all he can do to hope that somehow, someway, he'll be able to find Lady Catherina and return her to her parents. Except the pirate captain he finds certainly surpasses his expectations and brings the one thing he cannot afford: trouble.

Lies. That's all that spews from Xavier Bennet's lips. Lies. And Rina is determined not to listen, not to believe. Only to wiggle her way out of his clutches before all the pieces come together and reveal exactly what she doesn't want... the truth.

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Now was different than every day of my past. And I hoped my future could be just as sweet.

- Held Captive

Prisoner at Heart

Christian historical romance. Published October 29th, 2019.

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Atlantic Ocean

Five months have passed since Captain Rina Blackstone lowered her Jolly Roger. Five months since she had last heard word of her greatest enemy, Timothy Wilde. For once in her life, she feels as thought she may actually be out of the storm. She has found her parents, found love, found her Savior. And a boatload of trouble when Wilde comes sailing up beside her, prepared to finally finish the job.

Julius Blackstone has survived over ten hard, grueling years on board Wilde’s pirate ship, the Rogue Maiden. During those ten years, he has continually wondered when his storm would at long last pass and he would be returned to his home and his only family. The time has come.

Crimson Wilde has awaited this day for over a decade. Her father has finally found Rina Blackstone, and now her torture has come to an end. Both Rina and Julius will be put out of their misery.
But neither Crimson, Rina, or Julius are prepared for the onslaught of joy, peace, anger, and hatred that follows with Wilde’s death sentence.

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Maybe it took the ugly things - the ashes, the scraps, the dirt - to grow the beautiful things

- Prisoner at Heart

A Christmas to Remember

Christmas short story. Published November 9th, 2019.


Rina Blackstone Bennet at long last gets to celebrate the most wonderful day of the year with her new family. All seems perfectly well. But there is turmoil in her heart. Will this one Christmas bring her peace?

Join Rina as she takes the final step to forgiveness on a Christmas she is sure to remember!

“You have my love, Catherina. Go and give it away. Share it. Use it. Believe it. Give it wings that it may fly. Let nothing hold you back, my child. Love wholly, fully, and unconditionally.”

- A Christmas to Remember

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