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daughters of the seven seas

the series that made me an author

I wrote the Daughters of the Seven Seas series over the course of four years, from 2018 to 2022. In 2019, at the age of 13, I self-published the first book, Held Captive, and six months later I published book two, Prisoner at HeartBound and Determined, the third book, was published in 2022. 

This is the series that made me an author.

In the last few years, as my writing style has matured and these stories have changed, I've come to the decision to rewrite the books (which are actually the first three of five or six in the series) and republish them as brand-spankin'-new editions. Naturally, this will be a lengthy process, so in the meantime, all three books are still available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format. But if you'd like to take a chance on a book written by a 12-year-old without losing money on something I, the author, plan on doing away with can read Held Captive entirely for free when you subscribe to my newsletter!

If you enjoy it and want to learn more about the series that holds such a special place in my heart, you're welcome to purchase Prisoner at Heart and Bound and Determined or simply wait for new editions. Either way, there will be even more tantalizing tales and redemptive romances to come in the future, so keep an eye out for all that's on its way!


One of the most reputable female pirates on the Seven Seas, Captain Rina Blackstone has spent the last decade since her father’s death carrying on his memory and immortalizing the Blackstone name. And everything was going perfectly fine until one merchant ship raid results in her capture.


Commissioned by the Duke of Rothsford, merchant ship captain Xavier Bennet has been searching for the duke’s long lost daughter for seven years, to no avail. Until Lady Catherina Winterbourne found him. Except Lady Rina is nothing like he had expected. Beautiful and beguiling and equally dangerous, the pirate he has locked up on his ship means trouble. And trouble is something he cannot afford.


The last thing Rina wants is to give up everything she’s ever known to embrace something she cannot believe is true. But when all the pieces come together and she realizes that she is indeed the duke’s daughter, she has to decide whether she is willing to let go of her entire life to be worthy of her parents’ love or to give up the one thing for which she’s always longed for everything she’s always had.

held captive

book one • published march 2019

Five months have passed since Captain Rina Blackstone lowered her Jolly Roger. Five months since she had last heard word of her greatest enemy, Timothy Wilde. For once in her life, she feels as thought she may actually be out of the storm. She has found her parents, found love, found her Savior. And a boatload of trouble when Wilde comes sailing up beside her, prepared to finally finish the job.

Julius Blackstone has survived over ten hard, grueling years on board Wilde’s pirate ship, the Rogue Maiden. During those ten years, he has continually wondered when his storm would at long last pass and he would be returned to his home and his only family. The time has come.

Crimson Wilde has awaited this day for over a decade. Her father has finally found Rina Blackstone, and now her torture has come to an end. Both Rina and Julius will be put out of their misery.

But neither Crimson, Rina, or Julius are prepared for the onslaught of joy, peace, anger, and hatred that follows with Wilde’s death sentence.

prisoner at heart

book two • published oct. 2019

bound and determined

book three • published nov. 2022

A wicked twist of fate—or perhaps the hand of God—has landed Captain Rina Bennet in the most precarious situation yet. When her husband and the father of her twin boys leaves at the behest of a family friend, she is left to take charge of the ship she has not sailed on in two years, alongside her two toddlers. She finds herself between a rock and a hard place when her first voyage drastically turns into a rescue mission, leaving her to the ghosts of her old life.


Daisy Sharow has risked it all by escaping from her owner’s tavern in search of her sister. Following God’s direction, she seeks out the only person she trusts to help her: Keaton Clarke. When Daisy stows away aboard the Rina, quartermaster Keaton is faced with a ghost from his past and a decision neither he nor Rina are prepared to make.


Rina has to make a judgment call when the ghosts come knocking, a call that could mean either life or death—for both an innocent girl and herself. Can Daisy, Keaton, and Rina band together to save Daisy’s sister...or is the risk too great?

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