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become a patron and gain access to all sorts of goodies!

Become a Patron

That's right, y'all! I've created a Patreon page, which is essentially where y'all can subscribe on a monthly basis to gain access to all kinds of fantastic goodies, join our patron-only Slack group, and be the first to see new covers and read about new projects!

I currently have three tiers: $3 a month with early access to digital ARC copies, sneak peeks of new stories, bonus content for upcoming releases, and more! $5 a month with an exclusive short story every month, a digital ARC of all my new releases, and everything in the first tier. Lastly, $20 a month with SIGNED COPIES of my new releases and BOOK SWAG like bookmarks and character art, as well as everything in the first two tiers, of course!

Sound interesting? I sure hope so!

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