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hello, lovely

welcome to my virtual castle of tea-stained pages, ink-bleeding hearts, & candlelit love stories

join me on a voyage of sea-roving, romancing, & reforming our dark world—page by page by Spirit-filled page


stories of grace & grit

i'm grace

I'm the book nerd with an affinity for ballet and fashion that God called to writing. At the age of ten, He opened me up to the realm of historical romance—complete with swashbuckling adventures and poignant themes—and I've never looked back. Words have become my lifeblood and my weapon, to sustain me through life's stormy seas and to pierce through the lies of the enemy.

If you're looking for stories of grace and grit, scriptural encouragement and truth, and authentic inspiration, I invite you to explore my library of novels and devotionals; enter the sacred scriptorium where I share my thoughts and book reviews; or take a seat at my desk to read my monthly newsletters.

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