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Grace A. Johnson

Authoress, Bluestocking, Romancer, and Lover of Christ

Grace A. Johnson is a teenage Christian fiction authoress, book reviewer, and avid reader. She lives in beautiful (but humid) South Georgia, surrounded by farmland and forestry, with her parents and six younger siblings. She has written four novels, three of which are published, and a smattering of short stories and novellas, which you can find on Amazon. She’s also a homeschooler who loves learning about history, linguistics, art, and the world around her. You can find her on Goodreads, Pinterest, BookBub, or blogging on her website. Join her for a virtual cup of tea and a free short story when you sign up for her e-newsletter!

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Rina Blackstone is a daughter of the wind and waves—raised by a fierce pirate captain to be the scourge of the Seven Seas—born of the stormy skies and tumultuous oceans. Here is where her journey begins, and from thence she embarks upon a lifelong adventure rife with revenge, heartache, death, romance, intrigue, and, best of all, redemption. Join her and her ragtag band of pirates as they fight off vengeful enemies, the Royal Navy, and even their own pasts in an epic adventure upon the high seas!

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“But...only the manufacturer himself, only the potter, could achieve such. He could put the pieces back together in their original form, or he could make all things new. ‘Tis all up to the one who puts their self—or their teacup—into his capable hands.”

-Bound and Determined

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