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A Message to America

Today is Independence Day, and although technically the Declaration of Independence wasn't signed on this day, we still celebrate the Fourth of July as the day the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration, making a statement to the colonies, Britain, and the whole world that we would be an independent nation under the jurisdiction of God Most High.

Now, we've had our struggles. America may have been founded on godly principles when it was named the United States, but we haven't always followed them. Especially not recently.

God laid this message on my heart a couple months back, but I haven't ever been motivated to share it just yet. I wrote it down on June 14th, but I've saved in it my journal until today...because I knew July 4th was the day it needed to be heard (or read, technically).

The night before (June 13th), I was reading in Hebrews 12, verses 26-29, where Paul says,

“‘Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.’ This phrase, ‘Yet once more,’ indicates the removal of things that are shaken—that is, things that have been made—in order that the things that cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken.”

After I wrote that Scripture down, God took over my pen and this is what He told me:

Behold, a great shaking is coming, declares the Lord. A trembling has begun, once which shall uproot the evil and restore the balance and order I have erected. Hold on, says the Lord, for I am coming with heavy footfalls and thunderous hoof-beats. No more will the evil one abide in your homes, your states, and your country. A new kingdom shall arise—one that is everlasting, one that is righteous, one that I establish. And once again I shall be known as the God of America.

That was what I'd been hearing for months: the God of America.

America, God wants you to know that He's coming back. He's coming back to our government, to our schools, to our churches, to our homes, to our families, to our hearts. He's coming back to His position as Lord of this nation, and He is going to turn this country into a beacon of His glory for all the world to see.

There's no stopping this shaking, America. When God's Spirit descends upon us, there will be no stopping the crumbling of ALL the enemy's strongholds. God is going to change America for the better, plucking out the sinful eyes and chopping off the unrighteous hand, trimming off the dead branches to make way for fruitful and holy institutions and officials, laws and practices, and citizens.

God will not loosen His grip upon the nation He established for the good of the world and the furtherance of His Kingdom. We are His again, one beneath His blood, in Jesus' mighty name.

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