• Grace A. Johnson

A Whole Ton of Fun Announcements and Stuff!

Needless to say, I couldn't find a good title for everything I've got going on today. I gave y'all a glimpse of what's to come in my last post, and today I want to share all about it!

So here we go!

Six O'clock

I recently wrote a short story for a contest, but suffice it to say it didn't win. (There were over 400 other entries, so...) I do so love this story, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with y'all! But before I do so, I need to decide on a cover! I've designed five different ones, so now y'all have to vote on your favorite one! Let me know in the comments which one you like the best!

Cover #1: Dark grey color scheme; simple, modern title treatment; model on cover.

Cover #2: Typographic style cover. Black, white, and violet color scheme. First cover with the tagline.

Cover #3: Carnation and salmon pink color scheme. Sun at the top, modern-style title at the bottom.

Cover #4: Off-white and yellow color scheme. Bright sun at the bottom. Large, modern-style, simple title treatment.

Cover #5: Large title treatment. Blue, yellow, orange, pink, and dark purple color scheme. Modern, rising sun design. Tagline included.


The first of many short stories, Daylight will be coming sometime in early April! It's a YA/ New Adult story set during the events of 9/11. I'm super excited about this one, since it combines a lot of my favorite things--but more on that later. Closer to completion, I'll share more about the story and call for betas! Keep your eyes out, guys!

Fairytale Retellings

At the moment, Cinderella is in the lead! I plan on doing six short stories for a Austen-style fairytale retelling collection, so I need five more! Put in your vote here so I can choose the top six! I'll announce the selected stories sometime in mid-March! By the way, thank you SO much to those who have already voted! I greatly appreciate the feedback, and I am super excited to see these stories come to life!