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Coming Soon: Dìlseachd – A Stolen Crown by Cheyenne van Langevelde

Y'allllllll. This absolutely amazing author is quickly climbing to the top of my list...Cheyenne van Langevelde is writing the stories I've always wanted to read - exploring old worlds and ancient times in a new way - and I cannot wait to dive into her upcoming release, Dìlseachd – A Stolen Crown!

Wondering why? Just keep on reading! I know that blurb will pull you right in, just like it did me!


about the book


Six years since the Danes invaded Scotland, slaying her finest men. Five since the Highland King married one of the enemy, betraying his countrymen and losing the Lowlanders’ support. Three since the king died and the Danes imprisoned the remaining blood heir to the throne. Her crown stolen, her country desolated, Fiona McCurragh now faces the looming threat of execution.

The Lowlanders, weary of enemy rule, seek to free their stolen homeland. With the aid of a blind harper, they attempt to rescue their Highland princess when the Danes ride in on Lowlander territory, shattering the fragile peace. The Scots are left with no choice except to launch a war in the face of the coming winter. If they do not attack now, the Scots—and their princess—may not live to see the spring.

In the face of despair, Fiona McCurragh finds courage in friendship with two chief’s sons. Yet conflict lies on more than one side, and for some of the Scots and their allies, loyalty no longer has any meaning.


snag your copy


about the author

Cheyenne van Langevelde is a young author and musician whose greatest passion is weaving tales through story and song. When not struggling to attempt the most metaphorical prose, she enjoys composing and recording soundtrack pieces for books, practicing calligraphy and Irish dance, and studying the Welsh language. She occasionally emerges into the real world to restock her chocolate supply, of which she hoards like a dragon would his gold.

You can connect with her on her website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Goodreads, and Pinterest!


Also. Don't y'all just LOVE that cover??? I know that'll look absolutely gorgeous on my shelf! *winks*

Y'all be sure to add Dìlseachd – A Stolen Crown to Goodreads, and follow Cheyenne on social media to keep an eye out for ARC signups! This is a historical tale you won't wanna miss!

yours in spirit and script,


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