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Coming Soon: Dragonbreath and Prejudice by Erica Richardson

Pride and Prejudice and...Dragons? Forget zombies, folks. Erica Richardson, author of the Peregrine series and The Cottonwood Chronicles, is releasing a YA fantasy retelling of Pride and Prejudice, but the twist this time is dragons!


about the book

Elablaze Blairwane would much rather scrub scum from dragon scales than learn to dance at a great feast.

As the caretaker of her family's prized dragons, Ela has her head in the clouds and her hands on the scrub brush, which she uses for the dragons' daily grooming. She has no interest in love. Well, at least not until she makes eye contact with the mysterious Mr. Darkrye, a man who seems to have copious amounts of pride in his title as an aristocrat. But his inherited money doesn't interest Ela, and his personality soon proves to be so disagreeable that even his lovely eyes no longer deserve an ounce of her attention. She has more important things to focus on, such as the upcoming annual dragon exhibition. If she could just earn the money for the entrance fee and win the exhibition, she could use the prize money to not only free her family and her dragons from the endless chores and drudgery of Longtail life but she would finally have the chance to pursue her lifelong dream to free and rehabilitate the Blood Dragons who are born and raised in the Pits to be fighters. But Ela continuously finds her life entangled with Mr. Darkrye’s. And as his story unfolds, she finds she can no longer deny the feelings stirring within her heart. Could it be that their lives and dreams are destined to be intertwined?

Zanelore Darkrye knows from personal experience that money cannot buy happiness. But Zane’s not shooting for happiness anymore. All that he hopes for is to be able to sleep at night, maintain his most important familial relationship, and support his dearest friend, Crimson Brightly, in his search for love and happiness. Perhaps if Crimson could find real happiness, the dark cloud that looms over Zane would finally depart. But when Zane first looks into the eyes of a young woman named Elablaze Blairwane, he senses that things are about to change. He feels his heart coming back to life, but to fall in love again is only one fear he must overcome. Because coming to know Ela will mean facing the creatures he fears even more than falling in love itself: the dragons.


about the author

Lover of both fantasy and reality, Erica Richardson can’t seem to get enough of dragons nor of good, clean romance. She is a wife, mother, and loves creatures of all kinds. She can be found in her home in Utah, snugging young children, caring for her pets, selling her work at farmers markets, and with her nose in a book or her fingers on the keyboard. She writes the middle-grade fantasy series The Cottonwood Chronicles, as well as young adult fiction about the courage it takes to live daily life while navigating mental illness (the Peregrine series). Erica was recently awarded the Olive Woolley Burt Honorable Mention for her writing.


I dunno about y'all, but that sounds like a fantastical way to put a new spin on a beloved classic! Fantasy readers who aren't too keen on classical literature will love this upcoming release, coming soon to Amazon and Kindle in December 2022 or January 2023! You can keep up to date on the book and more by Erica Richardson at her website here!

Have you ever read Pride and Prejudice? What do you think of the concept of Dragonbreath and Prejudice? Let me know in the comments!

yours in spirit and script,


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