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held captive four-year bookiversary!

Updated: Mar 24

Four years ago yesterday, Held Captive was submitted for publication. Four years ago today, Held Captive went live. Four years ago tomorrow, Held Captive was available to purchase in paperback as well as ebook.

So the dates are a little wonky, but basically today marks Held Captive's four-year bookiversary.

*cheers ring out and a trumpet sounds*

Y'all. In a way, it feels like just yesterday that this baby was published. And in another way, it feels like forever. 😂 Either way, I cannot fathom how this can be. This is proof enough that God is amazing and He can do abundantly beyond all we could ever imagine.

Anyway, aside from the existential aspects of this mind-blowing passage of time, I have a TON of epic stuff for y'all, so let's not waste any time in getting into it!


the book in celebration

If you're new here, allow me to introduce you to the book we're celebrating. Held Captive is my debut novel, written when I was twelve and published when I was thirteen. This (somewhat) epic pirate romance and redemption story isn't as infinitely fantabulous as I had thought when it was finished (hence why I plan on rewriting and republishing it within the next few years), but it still deserves some love and attention for being my first-ever published novel!

Captain Rina Blackstone is the most notorious female pirate to ever plunder the Seven Seas and the fiercest captain to ever sail the Atlantic. But one thing she has never been able to handle well is change. When one merchant ship raid takes a wrong turn and results in her capture, Rina has to escape before all the control she's worked so hard to obtain falters.

Xavier Bennet was commissioned seven years ago to find the Duke of Rothsford's long lost daughter. Those seven years have passed without a trace of the woman except for the one letter he believes will lead him to her. When Xavier's ship, the Jessica, finally crosses paths with the Rina, it's all he can do to hope that somehow, someway, he'll be able to find Lady Catherina and return her to her parents. Except the pirate captain he finds certainly surpasses his expectations and brings the one thing he cannot afford: trouble.

Lies. That's all that spews from Xavier Bennet's lips. Lies. And Rina is determined not to listen, not to believe. Only to wiggle her way out of his clutches before all the pieces come together and reveal exactly what she doesn't want... the truth.


the giveaway

Everyone knows you can't have a bookiversary without a giveaway, which is why I am SO excited to share this epic giveaway with y'all! One lucky winner will receive a SIGNED paperback copy of Held Captive, a faux leather journal (as pictured to your right), AND ✨exclusive✨ character art of Rina by the insanely talented Paige Coffer!!!

Speaking of, let's all take a moment to admire Paige's gorgeous work.

*takes a moment*

*admires the work*

Okay, moving right along now. All you have to do to enter for a chance to win is click the button below and complete the entry tasks! The winner will be announced at the end of the month and contacted through email! (US only. 18+ or have parental permission. Must be comfortable giving me their mailing address.)


the sale

If you're an international reader or don't wanna put all your eggs in one basket, then today is your lucky day! From now until the end of the month, Held Captive is totally FREEEEE on Kindle! So be sure to take advantage of that epic sale while it lasts!

(Also, as per one of my dear friend's request, here's my very first “author photo" from when I published Held Captive at age thirteen! I often joke that I haven't changed a bit since then, and in some pictures, I look older at thirteen than I do now at nearly eighteen. 😅)


The fun doesn't stop there, folks! If you're interested in deleted scenes from HC and other goodies, check out my post from HC's second book birthday HERE! Want exclusive exclusive character art? Then be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven't yet, where my newsies will receive more Rina character art (by the lovely E.G. Solanelle)! Lastly, y'all be sure to check out my Rina reel on Instagram (which is my biggest reel 5k views...which is literally nothing, but it's great for me, so who cares)!

Happy book birthday, Held Captive! And a humongous thank you to all my beautiful readers, reviewers, and supporters - HC, Rina, and I wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for y'all!

Join the celebration by commenting below your favorite scene, character, or quote from Held Captive - or even your least favorite! (I'm keeping up with all the pros and cons for the rewrite. 😉)

yours in spirit & script,


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