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I've Got News for You!

So, yeah, two posts in one day...and I'm supposed to be on vacation. Shoot me now! No, don't really--please. I beg of you

*clears throat* Thank you.

Anyway...I have SO MUCH FUN STUFF that I just have to share, like, immediately!

So, y'all remember that guest post by my twin sister--er, friend Issabelle Perry that came out this morning? I mean, it's been forever ago, but maybe you remember.

Whether you do or not, I totally suggest you read it, then I HIGHLY recommend you click this link and check out Izzy's post from today--all about her published short story!!!

(And, yes, you may notice my name and one of my graphics in said post...we are trading marketing...)

Back to what I was saying...mi amiga's short story Fairly Impish was released TODAY in an anthology by Owl Hollow Press!! I've actually just got my copy, so I'll be reading her story sometime tonight!! (Note: I can't vouch for the content of the other stories, but Izzy's is completely clean, plus she's a cool person, so help a homie out, will ya?)

Next order of business, I will remind you that Six O'clock--my new short story--release March 20th, so you only have eight more days to preorder a copy or download one for free here! Don't forget to share this graphic on social media!!

Also, y'all keep your eyes out for the short story I'll be announcing in April!!

Now, for my final announcement...I think I've mentioned before that I'm a proud member of the greatest writers' forum EVER, Kingdom Pen. Of course, I haven't gone into depth about this fantabulous site, but now that I'm an intern (cue the celebratory confetti), I want to introduce y'all to this amazing site!

Gotta love that confetti.

Kingdom Pen is the best place for teenage Christian writers--they accept short story and poetry submission and will critique excerpts (you can read mine here)--with free resources and the aforementioned forum full of the coolest people ever! (No offense, other people.)

Like I said, I got accepted as an intern and my first article is out!!! You can read all about the 3 Keys to Writing Faith-Filled Christian Romance here!

Also, I had the extreme pleasure of being interview for the first time ever!! I had so much fun answering these questions, so I hope you'll enjoy reading them!!

Y'all keep your eye out on KP's blog, because I've got another fun article all about faith in historical fiction coming out on March 26th!

Thank y'all so much for celebrating with me! Don't forget to check out Izzy's post and snag your copy of the Change the World teen anthology today!!

Also, y'all may have noticed this is my first ever post to include gifs. What do y'all think? Worth doing again?

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Mar 13, 2021

All the news is SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀 I haven't gotten my copy of the anthology yet.🙁 But hopefully I'll get it soon. Oooh, that's so cool that you're going to release a short story!!!!! I can't wait to read it!!!!!!! I bet it'll be FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! Kingdom Pen is just SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've started reading your KP post on romance. I'm learning so much from it - your tips are so helpful!!!!!😀 Though, I feel really bad about reading it late. I often forget to check KP's blog.

Also, this is your first post using gifs?!?!?!?! Girl, you're gonna have to use gifs more often!!! Gifs are THE BEST!!!!!!!!! XD Totally worth doing again!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Mar 14, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!!

Isn't it? Aw, I'm so glad you like my post!!!

I think so too!!!


Issabelle P.
Mar 12, 2021

Oooooh, WHERE DO I BEGIN????!!!!!! First off: A HUNDRED MILLION THANK YOUSSS FOR MENTIONING ABOUT FAIRLY IMPISH!!!!!!!!!! Haha, I like the whole "we're trading marketing" 😂 Also I just CANNOT WAIT for Six O'Clock to be released. I'm torn between if I should read it now or wait in awesome anticipation. ;) And *gasp* GIRL you've been interviewed on KP???!!!!! I am totally gonna check that out right now!!!! Well, I mean, after I finished the comment. And, girl, I LOOOVE DA GIFS!!!!! YEAA!!!!!!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Mar 14, 2021
Replying to

YAY!! I hope you enjoy it!!!


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