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If Rina Were a Disney Princess (Quizzes, Collages, and Polls)

Guys, I have just a ton of fun, random goodies to share with y'all today! Some character art, collages, quiz results (seriously), and even a poll! So let's get started!

First off, I want to share the amazing collages my friend Ella did for my upcoming release, Bound and Determined. I hope to share these again (along with more fun stuff) closer to the release date, but I've been bursting with excitement at how beautiful these things are, so here they are! (Please note: I do not own the rights to any of the images below. If you do and would like the images removed or to be credited, please contact me on the homepage and let me know.)

This one is Keaton's. Ella asked for keywords that came to mind when I thought of my characters, and I always think of forests, darkness, and books when I think of Keat. (Part of that has to do with his green eyes and black hair, so...) Anyway, this is what she came up with!

Isn't it just perfect? I think it fits Keaton to a T!

And this beauty belongs to the heroine of BAD (who I'm still not sure if I've shared with y'all; I'm trying to keep her a secret--we'll call her Miss Sharow for now). A lot of these aesthetics come from her name and others come from the feeling I get when I think of her journey.

Overall, I have to say that this collage is fantastic for her and it's just gorgeous!

This right here is actually my collage for her. I'm not certain exactly what she looks like (I've got Lily James and about five other girls in my Pinterest board that seem to fit), but the angst in this picture is all too fitting.

My design skills are certainly lacking, but I think this is my best collage so far!

Next up is the collage I did for Crimson! Sure, the girl's hair isn't curly, but it's red and all the other pics fit her and somehow the color scheme just feels right.

What do y'all think?

And then, this. My friend Grace King-Matchett drew this fantabulous portrait of Crimson! From the earrings to the freckles to those beautiful blue eyes, everything looks just. like. crim. I LOVE it! She actually said that the drawing closely resembled a medieval Starbucks barista, but I personally see Crimson all over!

I never realized how good Crim looks in green!

And then here's Rina! This was the first one Grace drew for me, and I think she did great at capturing Rina in a cartoon form! What do y'all think of her artwork? Isn't it just beautiful?

My other friend (I all of a sudden have so many friends), Emily, drew some fanart of Rina (meaning I didn't ask for it) according to how she imagines her. What about y'all? How do you see Rina?

I know I LOVE the addition of the feathers in her hat. I could totally see Rina with some feathers!

So, whilst I was designing collages for my heroines, I felt obligated to do one for Xavier (I also have plans to do one for Elliot...maybe). However, finding a picture of a guy that I could use in the same manner I used Daisy, Crim, and Rina's, was--suffice it to say--difficult. I ended up choosing the first one I saw, which I will argue is because no one looks anything like Xavier. That being said, you may notice that his hair is short, whereas Xavier's is very long.

It's called creative license, people. Deal with it.

And, of course, here's Rina! Strangely enough, I chose red for Xavier and grey for Rina--which is not her color. Somehow, it worked perfectly! What do y'all think?

Now, don't y'all skip off so soon! I've got a couple more things to share!

So, I decided to take a few quizzes--Jane Austen, Disney, and Marvel character quizzes, to be exact--but I didn't do them from my perspective.

I did them from Rina's.

Here were her results:

If she were a Jane Austen character, she'd be Fanny Price. Wait. What? For those of y'all who aren't Austen fans, Fanny Price the heroine of Mansfield Park and is defined moral and shy, and possesses a delicate constitution. How Rina's answers resulted in Ms. Price, I'll never know!

But what's more, if Rina were a Disney princess, she'd be Vanellope Von Schweetz. Yep. That's what she got. Somehow, having the favorite color of green and the pastime of drinking tea equates one with a short, pigtailed video game character who practically spews sugar.

Now, when I took the Marvel quiz, I had a character in mind. Believe it or not, Rina got exactly who I thought she would--Tony Stark!!! (The fact that Iron Man happens to be my favorite character in the MCU, aside from Loki, means nothing.)

I also did a POTC quiz with Rina, simply because I wanted her to get Jake Sparrow. Needless to say, she didn't. She got Will Turner. (Somebody explain to me how Rina is anything like Will Turner!) After that ordeal, I refrained from taking that quiz again.

I did the first two quizzes with Crimson and Ms. Sharow (the Marvel one was very long), and as it turns out, Crimson is Eleanor Dashwood and Jasmine and Ms. Sharow is Anne Elliot (did not see that coming) and Belle. Considering Miss Sharow's favorite color is yellow and Crimson's is blue, I wasn't surprised by their princess selections. I don't see how the Austen characters play in, but *shrugs* you know how those quizzes are.

Which characters (Disney, Marvel, POTC, Austen, and more) do you think Crimson and Rina are? What about Elliot, Xavier, and Keaton? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Last, but certainly not least, I have the COOLEST thing I want to share! I came up with this fantastic idea to write a series of short stories that is comprise of fairytale retellings...Jane Austen style! I'm currently working on my Austen-esque prose, and y'all know I LOVE the Regency era, so I hope to bring a lot of classic fairytales to life!

But before I can do that, I need your help! Which fairytales should I retell? You can let me know by taking the poll below!

Thank you guys so much for joining me! I hope y'all enjoyed checking out these awesome drawings and collages! Stay tuned for more bookish goodness in the future!

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Issabelle P.
Feb 17, 2021

Ooooooh, all of those art and graphics are AH-MAY-ZHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's soooo exciting that you're gonna do some fairytale retellings! Those are some of my FAVORITE genres, so I can't wait to see what fairytales you're gonna choose!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down*


Sophia Snyder
Feb 15, 2021

Eeee!!!! I love this!!! I’m excited for those fairytales austen-style stories 👀


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