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In Search of Betas for My First Devotional!

So...*cuffs the back of her neck* I'm going out on a proverbial limb here and publishing my first-ever devotional. Yes, a devotional. As in, a piece of nonfiction. Crazy, right? *winks* (Those of y'all who know me well know I all but vowed to never write nonfiction apart from blog posts/articles. Look how that turned out.)

I started by writing and posting a devo a day in January, and people actually seemed to like them and were asking if I'd compile them into a here we are! Now, the theme is iffy and none of the devotionals have any structure, but I wanna give this a go anyhow.

So I need betas.

I'm looking for two different sets - the first set of betas (maybe two or three readers) to help me with the structure of each devotional, proofread my writing, make sure everything is clear; and the second set (again, just a few peeps) to gauge the spiritualness, I guess? *winces* That's not even a word. I just need a few readers to give me their perspective on my message, make sure it comes across, let me know if the devotionals inspire them to get into the Word and examine their faith in God. Stuff like that.

I'll probably send out the manuscript the first of March and wrap things up after a couple weeks, so if you're also planning on beta-reading Bound and Determined, don't worry...this won't coincide at all!

If you're interested in reading but not beta-reading, that's perfectly all right as well! I'll send out a few advanced reader copies (not reviewer copies, because it feels wrong to ask for people to review a devotional...but if you wanna leave a review, that would be lovely too!) to whoever would like to read at their own pace! *grins*

I don't have a final word count yet (because I'm still doing some editing of my own), but there are thirty devos and they aren't too long, so it shouldn't take too much time to read through them! The devotional is titled With Fear and Trembling...and I have a cover...

Whaddayall think?

If you'd like to read and edit, just comment below and let me know! If you'd like to read and leave feedback, do the same! And, lastly, if you'd like to just read, again...comment! *winks*

Not interested at all? Please share! Y'all know that means just as much as anything! *grins*

Well, thank y'all for letting me monopolize your time again! Y'all are the best!!!

So, to close, do you read devotionals? What is your favorite thing about them? What do you look for in a good devo? Let me know in the comments!

Yours in spirit and script,


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