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it's time you heard the truth | title + project reveal

It's time you heard the truth behind the stories you've been told.

And, no, I'm not talking about the rumors floating around that I think pineapple and pizza are culinary soulmates. We all already know that's true.

I'm talking about the truth behind Soviet Russia, the place Issabelle Perry transports us to in her upcoming novel. Yep. Today, I'll be joining Issabelle and several other bloggers in revealing the title of her latest project!

But get this.

I'm revealing something else too.

Issabelle's not self-publishing this book. Or publishing it with Bethany House or Revell or anyone else.


She's publishing it with this little tiny small press that hasn't even officially launched yet.

Sky's the Limit Press.

If you don't recognize that name, you're likely new here. Well, back in 2021-2022, I adopted Sky's the Limit Press as the name I publish my books under (not the author name; the publisher name 😆). And from there I built a website, started (and abandoned) a blog, created an online literary journal (that lasted only one issue 😬).

Then, in February of this year, I published an anthology under that same name.

Now, nearly six months later, I am pleased and ecstatic and kinda in shock to announce that Sky's the Limit Press IS going to be official. I'm rebranding and revamping and getting all my legal/financial ducks in a row...and Lord willing, we'll launch this fall.

And our first official publication will be a Christian historical romantic suspense novel by none other than Issabelle Perry.

So now, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to...

Don't Let Me Go

~ book 1 in The Lost Empire series ~

When truth is a crime…

Soviet Russia, 1929: Maksim Lenkov is tired of his past haunting him. An ex-Bolshevik and supporter of the revolution over ten years earlier that toppled the Romanov dynasty, Maksm has never forgotten his guilt over not saving the tsar and his family—especially a certain beautiful grand duchess. Tatiana Romanova had stolen his heart before the Bolsheviks took her life.

Maksim has spent the last ten years hunting down her killers to no avail and doing anything possible to resist the Soviet rule. Which is why when a young, spunky British girl appears out of nowhere, claiming she has the Soviet secret police on her heels and needs help escaping the country, Maksim is compelled to aid her. Especially since she says to have information that would ruin the USSR’s push for influence on western Europe and, more importantly, information that connects to one Bolshevik whom Maksim knows well. A man who was there the night of Tatiana’s murder.

This could be his chance to finally avenge the Romanovs and find peace with his past. But is his new ally all she claims to be or could she be an informer for the secret police? When OGPU draws closer, how far will Maksim go to serve justice? Inspired by true events, Don’t Let Me Go is a gripping, page-turning novel that explores the power of hope in the midst of darkness and the strength of love over evil.

Y'ALL. I am just sooooo excited for this book - and I'm not saying that because I'm publishing it. 😉 (Speaking of, that's a mock cover. Not the real thing. 😂 Trust me, this beautiful book will be getting something wayyyy better when the time comes!)

If y'all wanna see the EPIC book trailer + learn more, check out Issabelle's post HERE! Make sure to sign up for her newsletter too for updates!

Now, STLP's website and whatnot is currently under reconstruction, so if you wanna stay up-to-date + be the first to know when the new site is live, you can subscribe for the STLP newsletter HERE!

Hopefully I get to share more about STLP (and Issabelle can share more about DLMG) in the future! Until then, feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments! 💕

Thank you all for joining us on this amazing journey God's guiding us in! I can't wait to see what He has in store!

yours in stories & stars,


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