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May Updates

April was a very unproductive month.

I take that back. I wrote reviews, designed book covers, interviewed two fantastic authors, wrote another article for Kingdom Pen, was interviewed TWICE, wrote over 3k for my blog serial Reign, got a start on Daylight, and whipped up an article for my local newspaper.

But I only wrote about 3,500 words in Bound and Determined.

In comparison to my usual 14k (and my friends’ 4k in two days), that’s pretty sad.

However, I am resolved to do better this month! Not to mention finish Daylight and get that edited and out to betas, start writing A Disguise of Devotion, and be super busy with the blueberry u-pick my mom is running (which leaves me in charge of babysitting).

Y’all may not see me around here as often (I say that every time, and I still show up, so don’t take my word for anything), but please know that I am working exceedingly hard on some amazing stories for you guys!

So what is coming in May?

#1 An author interview with the lovely Abigail Harris

#2 My April mini reviews + my review of Never Miss by Melissa Koslin

#3 Four installments of Reign

#4 Individual spotlights of Daylight and A Disguise of Devotion

#5 A super fun blog scavenger hunt with my fellow writers/bloggers


You heard that right! I’m hosting my first ever short story contest sometime this month, so get ready, keep your eye out, and start spreading the word! The winner will have their story published on my blog and receive a mock-up cover of one of their stories and two character graphics—all designed by moi, of course!

Now, for the big announcement.

I’m putting together a street team. (Like, why haven’t I had one all this time???????)

My evident lack foresight aside, I beseech thee, all my lovely friends, to consider joining. There will be freebies, giveaways, and possibly cookies. (Virtual cookies, probably in the form of emojis, but cookies nonetheless.) I may even throw in a glass of milk while I’m at it!

Anyway, aside from the fun stuff, you’ll also be able to help influence my books, be the first to glimpse my covers and receive ARCs, and even get the chance to beta-read, if you’d like!

Just fill out the form below...because Gracie loves forms...and then I’ll get back to you in a couple days with the details! (By the way, for those who have already signed up through my newsletter, I apologize for y'all being unable to pick multiple roles...that should be fixed now!)

Well, I guess that takes care of everything! Thank y’all for reading through this extremely long post—I’m sure y’all had a ton of other things to be doing rather than spending a hour scrolling through all of my ramblings! (Yes, I’m being sarcastic. This is probably one of my shortest posts ever. Less than five hundred words at the moment.)

Y’all have a fabulous day. Read books. Drink tea. Eat blueberries. (Wait. That sounds like what I’ll be doing today. Hey, we can do it together!) Peace out, my lovelies.

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