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monthly gratitude

Weeeeell, folks. I'm currently undergoing a lot of design and mindset changes over here in my neck of the woods, so I don't have an updates post for y'all. I've noticed that my updates/goals posts have become more pitiful and complaintive than motivational + beneficial for y' come October (Lord willing), I'll have something different prepared for y'all!

In the meantime, why not dump some photos from my August on y'all + share what I'm grateful for this past month (in no specific order)?

caramel frappes

finally getting my driver's license (like we always talked about)

starting my podcast

turning 18

my friend madison

worship night

new clothes

our beach vacation

new books

spotify premium

indie bookstores

unique history

God's protection

homemade rolls & biscuits

good food

trying tiramisu for the first time

brainstorming new stories

ice cream in a cone


aesthetic skies

steve urkel funko pop

my sweet friends

birthday gifts

salad with chicken

getting contacts

book giveaways

springtime in surrey

ordering new headcoverings

designing beautiful websites


my car

lois & clark

I know I'm not the best at aesthetics (see Ryan Elizabeth's Substack and Emily Charlotte's blog for that), but I hope y'all enjoyed this little snapshot of my month!

What are you grateful for from this past month? What was the highlight of your August? What song(s) is (are) currently on repeat for you?

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