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my fall bucket list

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

If you know me well, you know autumn is 110% my all-time favorite season. I honestly don't know why, because we don't really get much of a fall around here...but I still enjoy the tiny hint of coolness we get and the overall idea of autumn. 😅

So what better way to make the most of the season than by making a bucket list of everything I wanna do, am I right?

I've seen so many people making bucket lists (like Ava Coulter and Deigan Marie), and I just had to make one of my own!

🍂go for a walk (in the cool of the day)

🍂make an autumn spice cup of tea

🍂enjoy a caramel frappe

🍂make my own fall-scented perfume

🍂make an autumn playlist & dark academia playlist

🍂take bookstagram photos with leaves

🍂read an autumn-themed or -set book

🍂make healthy treats & smoothies

🍂make homemade apple cider

🍂make a fall bread

🍂catch up on penpal letters

🍂study the Gospels

🍂write a poem about autumn

🍂make a persimmon souffle

🍂drink eggnog (YES EGGNOG SEASON IS HERE) (who am I kidding? it's always eggnog season)

🍂create fall-themed digital downloads for my resource library

🍂make my own autumn-scented candle

🍂watch a fall movie

what's on your bucket list this autumn?

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for fall movies and books, drop them below!!

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Molly McTernan
Oct 05, 2023

For fall books, I'd recommend:

  1. Rosetown by Cynthia Rylant

  2. Wishtress by Nadine Brandes

  3. The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier

  4. The Extraordinary Deaths Of Mrs. Kip by Sara Brunsvold

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Oct 06, 2023
Replying to

Oooh, I have Wishtress on my Kindle, but I'll have to check out the others! Thanks so much!!


Saraina Whitney
Oct 05, 2023

Ahh I LOVE this bucket list!!! I'm definitely planning to write a poem about autumn, too! And hmm I'm trying to think of fall books or movies. *thinks* I'm reading Jane Eyre right now and it kind of gives me autumn vibes even though it's not necessarily set in the fall, so maybe that? Have you read that before?

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Oct 05, 2023
Replying to

THANK YOU! Ooh, awesome!! Ahhh, I read the abridged version (for, like, kids) wayyy back, so I really need to read the actual version (which I have, just haven't gotten to yet 😅). I can totally see how it gives those vibes!


Oct 05, 2023

Ah, this is great! Your bucket list sounds very good and lovely and autumnal! I can't believe I forgot about homemade apple cider, yes I'll so have to do that.

I think my bucket list looks like a lot of crisp walks and a lot of baking. I'd also love to write something autumnal but no ideas for that yet.

Fall movies or books... hmm, I'll have to think on that one!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Oct 05, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!! Haha, yes!!

Ooh, sounds lovely! Hmm, well, you've still got time!


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