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my fall bucket list

Updated: Oct 14

If you know me well, you know autumn is 110% my all-time favorite season. I honestly don't know why, because we don't really get much of a fall around here...but I still enjoy the tiny hint of coolness we get and the overall idea of autumn. 😅

So what better way to make the most of the season than by making a bucket list of everything I wanna do, am I right?

I've seen so many people making bucket lists (like Ava Coulter and Deigan Marie), and I just had to make one of my own!

🍂go for a walk (in the cool of the day)

🍂make an autumn spice cup of tea

🍂enjoy a caramel frappe

🍂make my own fall-scented perfume

🍂make an autumn playlist & dark academia playlist

🍂take bookstagram photos with leaves

🍂read an autumn-themed or -set book

🍂make healthy treats & smoothies

🍂make homemade apple cider

🍂make a fall bread

🍂catch up on penpal letters

🍂study the Gospels

🍂write a poem about autumn

🍂make a persimmon souffle

🍂drink eggnog (YES EGGNOG SEASON IS HERE) (who am I kidding? it's always eggnog season)

🍂create fall-themed digital downloads for my resource library

🍂make my own autumn-scented candle

🍂watch a fall movie

what's on your bucket list this autumn?

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for fall movies and books, drop them below!!

#autumn #fall #bucketlist

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