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New Blog Serial!!!

So...I'm officially doing something crazy.

Like, crazier than usual.

I'm doing a serial. On here--my beloved blog. And although it may seem like I stole this idea from my good friend Emily (whose blog serials are awesome--you should totally check them out), I would advise you not to assume such. You might besmirch my reputation.

Anyway, it is a good idea. So I may or may not have commandeered it. Commandeered, mind you; not stole. It's a nautical term.

But back to the point...

I have been so pleased by the awesome feedback I've gotten on my first ever fantasy short story, The River, so I have decided to continue it! But, I've been so busy with BAD and all of the my other projects, and I have a long waiting list for books, so I knew it would be a while before anyone ever got to read anything even remotely related to The River...which prompted the idea of a serial.

So here we are!

Picking up right where we left off, I'll be writing eleven more installments (give or take) for y'all to enjoy! But before we jump right in, I want y'all to refresh your memory by reading The River, which you can do by clicking the cover below!

Drop by next week to read Part 2: The Conspiracy!

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