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Newsletter Swap + Held Captive Sale!

Boy, have I got news for you!!

First off, I am calling all my fellow authors with books and newsletter out there to join my newsletter swap!! What is a newsletter swap, you ask? Gooood question! Well, it can work in multiple ways, but for this one, I'll be accepting participants until March 14th, and then I'll pair up the authors by their genre, audience, etc. The authors will then swap newsletters - which means Author 1 will share about Author 2's book and newsletter, while Author 2 shares about Author 1's. It's as simple as that!

(I was inspired by R.M. Archer's author pen pal letter exchange, which you MUST sign up for HERE!!!)

What do you need to participate? Well, for starters, a newsletter and a book...and to fill out this form here! I'll set up a doc with all the information you need once I've paired you with another author! And don't worry - everything's fair and free!

What are the benefits? Well, first of all, this is FREE MARKETING. No author should ever turn down free marketing. You'll be getting your name, book, and newsletter out there to a whole new group of readers - how awesome is that? Not only that, but you'll also be sharing purchase links (let us know if you have a sale or giveaway going on...this is great opportunity to promote!) and links to sign up to your newsletter (affiliate/custom links will increase your benefits), which will increase your following and platform! And this, my friends, is only the beginning! If this goes over well, there will be many more opportunities like this in the future!

I think that covers all the bases...but knowing me, I'm missing something, so if you have any questions or comments, drop them in the comments section below!

Don't have a newsletter or book or aren't an author? That's perfectly all right - you can still share the graphic below as well as the signup link ( with your author friends!

I dunno about you, but this is pretty exciting!!!

But I mentioned something about a sale too, didn't I?


Well, technically, it doesn't go on sale until tomorrow...but still. Mark your calendars for 8am EST March 1st, because HC is going down to $0.99 cent!!! On March 3rd, the price goes up to only $2.99, so don't worry if you miss the $0.99 sale - you're still getting a great deal (because, for some reason, I priced the Kindle edition astronomically high and never saw fit to decrease the here we are)! And on March 5th through the 8th, we're still a dollar cheaper at $4.99!

And this is ONLY the Kindle version...unfortunately, Amazon doesn't offer paperback sales nor can I price the paperback version any lower because of printing costs. *sobs*

PLUS, whichever price sells better (it's gonna be the $0.99, I just know it *winks*) will become the new regular price of Held Captive's Kindle edition! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Why all the fantastic cheapness, you ask? Weeeeell, you know what month is coming up next, right?

And you know who's turning THREE at the end of March???


And Prisoner at Heart is right behind it. *wails*

Y'all, they gon' be so doggone old by the time I get the blasted third book done. Dang.

(Speaking of, do not ask me how writing went this month. Writing didn't even EXIST this month. [Because I'm having to go back and add scenes all over the place and I dread having to mess up the perfect order I have, but I can't finish it until I've written the scenes I skipped. Aaaaauuuuggggghhhh.])


Already read Held Captive? Hate ebooks? Then feel free to share this graphic instead! *grins*

And, of course, the almighty purchase link... *drum roll ensues*

Y'all take advantage while you can, my dears!!!

Speaking of while you can...TODAY is the LAST DAY to let me know if you'd like to beta read With Fear and Trembling, my upcoming devotional! Class 1 betas proofread, Class 2 betas give feedback on my message, and Class 3 just read for the fun of it! *grins*

Just drop a comment saying what class you wanna be in!

ALSO. Submissions are still open for Tell Me You Love Me anthology! If you'd like to submit a Christian romance short story, just click the button below to learn all you need to know and submit your story!!!

Well! *sucks in a breath* That was a lot of news for one post, but it needed to be said. *winks* How about y'all? How did your February go? What are your thoughts on my new author photos (homepage and about page)? Anybody else stink at writing this month???

Y'all enjoy your last day of February, peeps! March is on her way!!!

Yours in spirit and script,


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