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of storm & sea | winners

Yes, you read that right. After months of patiently waiting, the results are in on who's being featured in Of Storm & Sea, Sky's the Limit Press' upcoming nautical adventure anthology!

We had so many terrific entries that it took extra days to narrow down the stories and poems to just a handful. Every single writer who submitted something, be it a poem or a novella, showed amazing talent and creativity—but unfortunately, we can't squish them all into one book!

Before I announce the winners, I just want to thank everyone who shared, supported, wrote, beta-read, submitted—whatever you did to bring a story to life. I am so appreciative of the support this anthology has already gotten, and so thankful for each writer who took time to submit a story! Even if you didn't make it into this anthology, there will be many more opportunities in the future, and I look forward to seeing you grow as a writer!

Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for...

the winners

Michaela Bush

Erin Hylands

Anne Huet

Molly McTernan

Jessica B. Brown

Norah Case

Rose Everille

M.C. Kennedy

Bree Pembrook

Jennifer G. Satnic

Emma Thrasher

Linyang Zhang

Grace King-Matchett

These thirteen ladies wowed me with their entries, and I'm so excited and honored for them to be a part of Of Storm & Sea!

We're going to begin the long editing process soon, but y'all will hear more about the anthology in the future + more opportunities for writers once Sky's the Limit Press is officially launched!

If there's anything in particular you would love to see from the press or would like to take part in as a writer, comment down below and let me know! I want this endeavor to serve you, dear writer, as best as it can!

Thank you all again for everything you've poured into this collection thus far! The best is yet to come!

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