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review: the sound of light by sarah sundin


Let’s face it, I’ve never read a Sarah Sundin novel I didn’t like—and I’m sure the same goes for most of y’all too! There’s something about how she weaves war and intrigue with romance and faith, with a dash of delicious mystery and suspense, that makes for an altogether amazing and adventure page-turner.

The Sound of Light is no different! I loved how we got to see the war from Denmark’s perspective (something that’s becoming a wee bit more common after all these years of Germany, France, and England-set WWII novels), and how Sundin wove in the all-too-relatable theme of standing up for what you believe in and if staying silent really makes any difference. And, of course, once again, I adored her characters!

Henrik was wonderful—even though he’s not quite my favorite of Sundin’s heroes (Dan will always take the first place spot for me)—and I appreciated his humility and his strong desire to do good, no matter what. That said...I want a hero like Hemming now. One who’s not as intelligent and suave as every other romance hero, but is still precious and sweet in his own way (Rocky Balboa, anyone?). No offense to Henrik, but like Else, I fell for Hemming.

Speaking of Else...gosh, she was so good too! (Yes, I’m saying that about a heroine! No way! 😂) I mean, she managed to be the incredibility intelligent, just-as-good-as-the-men, mental-butt-kicking heroine every other female MC strives to be...while also being gentle and compassionate and open-minded and humble, which are the exact qualities most bad-butt heroines miss. So a round of applause for Else and how Sundin wrote her character, shall we? *applause rings out*

(On that note, I truly appreciate how, like in When Twilight Breaks, Sundin is able to address period-accurate sexism while never coming off as feminist or modern!)

Another aspect of The Sound of Light that I appreciated was how Sundin spared me the emotional drama!!! Thank goodness!!! I feel like she’s taken advantage of such drama in her past books, so this one broke the mold! The romance was sweet and tender and subtle, and Else and Henrik communicated most of the time—and when they didn’t, they still managed not to be whiny babies. So yay! (Y’all know me; I’m no-nonsense about this sort of stuff. 😜)

Of course, there are and will always be wee little things I can nitpick at, but none of my pet peeves kept me from thoroughly enjoying this story! The Sound of Light is as unique as its title and enriched with historical events and timeless struggles, taking us on a poignant and challenging journey to discover the heart of courage that has endured for generations.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary review copy from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.


about the book

When the Germans march into Denmark, Baron Henrik Ahlefeldt exchanges his nobility for anonymity, assuming a new identity so he can secretly row messages for the Danish Resistance across the waters to Sweden.

American physicist Dr. Else Jensen refuses to leave Copenhagen and abandon her research--her life's dream. While printing resistance newspapers, she hears stories of the movement's legendary Havmand--the merman--and wonders if the mysterious and silent shipyard worker living in the same boardinghouse has something to hide.

When the Occupation cracks down on the Danes, these two passionate people will discover if there is more power in speech . . . or in silence. Bestselling author of more than a dozen WWII novels, Sarah Sundin offers pens another story of ordinary people responding to extraordinary circumstances with faith, fortitude, and hope for a brighter future.


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about the author

Sarah Sundin enjoys writing about the drama and romance of the World War II era. She is the bestselling author of The Sound of Light (February 2023), Until Leaves Fall in Paris (2022), When Twilight Breaks (2021), and four WWII series. Her novels have received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Booklist. Until Leaves Fall in Paris, received the 2022 Christy Award, When Twilight Breaks and The Land Beneath Us were Christy Award finalists, and The Sky Above Us won the 2020 Carol Award.

A mother of three, Sundin lives in Southern California and teaches Sunday school and women's Bible studies. She enjoys speaking to community, church, and writers' groups. Sarah serves as Co-Director for the West Coast Christian Writers Conference.


Have you read The Sound of Light yet? Or...*gasp* have you read a Sarah Sundin novel you didn't like? (Doubt it.) What are some other WWII books set in Denmark, or other less-commonly-written-about countries? Share all about it in the comments!

yours in spirit and script,


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8 komentarai

Kristina Hall

I read The Sound of Light a few weeks ago, and I think it's my favorite Sarah Sundin novel yet! As for ones that didn't work for me ... I actually wasn't a huge fan of her Sunrise at Normandy series.

Kristina Hall

Vanessa really likes her first series!


Saraina Whitney

*squeals* Ahhhh I literally just finished this last night!!!!!!!! I LOVED it, and I also noticed how mature the characters were - instead of letting misunderstandings create boatloads of drama, they communicated and resolved their problems in such a refreshing way! Like, YES PLEASE. 😅 Such a wonderful story!!! (And of course, your review was fantastic!!!!)

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson

YES!!! <333333

You must! It's so good! (Much more angsty than TSOL, but worth it, I think. XD)


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