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the museum heist | a blog clue game

You turn a corner and find yourself enveloped in darkness. Shadows scale the walls like cat burglars—the comparison makes you shudder. A thief lurks among these shrouded halls.

Could they be this room?

Welcome, detectives, to the Pink Room! If you're new to the criminal-hunting game, let me clue you in (no pun intended)! We're on the hunt for a master thief, the villain behind the theft of one of the priceless artifacts here at the museum. The biggest problem, though, is that we have no idea who the thief is...what they stole...and what room in the museum they stole it from. So it's up to you, my dear detectives, to gather clues all around the museum (that is, blogosphere) and try to deduce who the thief is!

For more information and all the tools you'll need to track down the thief, head over to the museum lobby (i.e., Lillian Keith's blog)!

Now, back to the search...

Suddenly, light streaks past the darkness and casts an eerie, electrifying glow over the Pink Room. A pink cow stares back at you; pink circles and squares pop out of abstract paintings; a pink stone sculpture curves toward you.

You scan the room for clues, only to find not a fingerprint or strand of hair, but...

A short, perky girl with nerdy glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. She peers up at you and gives a shy smile. You ask if she's seen anyone, and she replies, “Not a soul. I've been in here all day, detective. Wanna take a break and have a cup of coffee?"

You accept the coffee and sigh, relaxing for a moment. It looks like you'll have to collect your thoughts here and continue looking for clues elsewhere.

Good luck on the case, detective!

Collect clues by stopping at the other blogs that are participating in the clue game! You can find them all HERE!

Huge round of applause to Lillian Keith for organizing this! I hope y'all have fun playing the game, detectives! 🕵️‍♀️😉 Drop a comment down below with your favorite coffee (or other drink) flavor! Mine's caramel!

yours in spirit & script,


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