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Trust the Planner (A Graduation Message)

I don’t know about you, but I like plans. Routine. Lists. There’s something comforting in knowing what you’re doing before you do it, having control over the way your day or career or life is going. And what really burns my britches is when things don’t go as planned.

The wise King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 16, verse 9, “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.”

It’s a fairly simple concept. He’s saying that no matter what we determine in our hearts to do, God is always one step ahead, preparing a path for us—and sometimes that path is much different than we imagined or even wanted. Maybe His path seems horrifying and not at all what you think you need.

I’ll be blunt with y’all—graduation is upon us in mere days. Across the country, young adults are experiencing one of the biggest changes in their lives this month: their first step into reality. Whether they’re graduating from college and searching for a job, graduating high school and applying to universities or tech schools, or entering the workplace, twelve percent of the US population is about to embark upon one of the scariest journeys of their lives.

Some of them have it all figured out. Cap and gown—check. College—check. Major—check. Scholarship—check. Dorm room—check. Part-time job—check. They’ve made lists and plans and calculated everything.

Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you’re not. Either way, we’ve all been there, and we’ll probably be there again, on the brink of something new and exciting, planning all our steps.

My message is for you, because as you make your schedules and write your lists, you are totally unprepared for life. Life isn’t confined to one person’s plans—it’s wild and unexpected. Sometimes it’ll do nothing but throw lemons at you (in which case, I suggest lemonade). Other times, it is the most beautiful thing. Whatever the case, you can’t bet on life and expect to win.

Do you know why?

Because there is something—Someone—greater at work in our lives. There is a God Who sees your plans and lists and laughs—yeah, I’m sure He laughs. He has something even better in mind, after all. Something beyond all your wildest dreams. Something you could never plan.

It may be tough getting there. It may be rocky at the start. You may not understand God’s plan or His path for you—and you might veer off of it. But that’s why we go to Him in prayer and seek His will. Ask Him what His plans are for you. Consult Him before your calendar.

We can plan all we want. Make schedules. Dictate actions. Book flights. Allot time. Save money. Pass tests. Pray like St. Patrick.

But…in the end, our Sovereign God wins out. Whether or not you heed His commands and follow His precepts, His plan is the only one put into motion, the only one which comes to pass. He is God and there is no other.

His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are so much higher than ours. We think we have it all figured out, exactly the way it should go, but He sees the big picture. He sees where, yes, we screw up. He sees where something goes wrong. He sees where our life impacts someone else, long after we’ve passed away. He sees how one slave feeds thousands in a famine. He sees how a blind baby displays His immense glory. He sees why an innocent Man must die for one wretched soul two thousand and twenty-one years in the future.

That’s why I ask you to trust the Planner. Trust God and His divine will and purpose for your life. Only He knows how many souls you can reach, how many people you can impact. Let Him use you!

Life won’t come easy—especially now, during this new beginning and glorious unfolding—so place your life in the hands of Almighty God. Whether you’re graduating high school or college in a few days, getting married next month, having your first child, or retiring from your job, place all your hopes and dreams and faith in God! Seek His will for your life, and He’ll plant His desires into your heart and bring them to fruition.

Don’t miss out on your purpose by planning your destiny. Let the God Who sees—El-Roi—direct your path. Deviating and rebelling will only get you lost. Let Him find you now.

With love and blessings always,


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