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What is a Great Writer?

One who writes.

One who enjoys writing.

One who pours their heart and soul into every word.

One who cares for each story they weave.

One who falls in love with every character they create.

One who lives in every world they design.

One who writes no matter who naysays or nitpicks.

One who writes what's on their heart.

One who writes what's on the hearts of others.

One who speaks through the words they pen.

One who lets God speak as well.

If you, my friend, have the courage to pick up your pen or pluck at your keyboard and write, then you are indeed a great writer. There are those who write great, and there are great writers. Great writers are the only ones with an emotional and spiritual connection to their stories...the only ones with a strength and bravery that comes from the Lord...the only ones with a beautiful calling placed upon them by God.

So stop banging your head against the wall and moaning in despair. Stop doubting your calling and loathing every word you churn out. Rejoice, because I see you and, more importantly, God sees you as someone who is persevering against all odds and breathing life into one of the most amazing things He created - words.

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Bookishly yours,


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