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Blography Tag

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I was honored to be tagged recently for this new and unique blog tag all about biographies by the creator of the tag himself, Miles Lawson! To be honest, my experiences with biographies/autobiographies/memoirs is quite limited...I skimmed some autobiography my grandpa lent me once (and didn't even finish it) and I read The Diary of Anne Frank when I was about ten-ish...but I really don't want to relive that experience.

Either way, I tried, thoroughly enjoying myself in the process. Plus, I'm pretty sure all my questions are seven words long! (Boy, was that a challenge!)

Anyway, without further ado, let's dive in!


The Rules

You're more than welcome to use this graphic on your post!
  1. Link back to the original site.

  2. Mention the one who tagged you.

  3. Write an autobiography in seven words.

  4. For this, they do not need to form a complete sentence.

  5. To make it more interesting, answer seven seven-word questions.

  6. Tag seven other bloggers.

  7. Think of seven seven-word questions, or use the same ones as you answered.


The Questions

Let's start with that seven-word autobiography, shall we? Born of grace and raised in truth.

Starting simple, what's your happiest childhood memory?

Gee, Miles, make it difficult, why don’t you? Haha. I really don’t know. I guess I’m kinda still living out my childhood...since I’m not an adult yet… But, to be honest, most of the memories blur together and what I do remember clearly is either embarrassing or depressing. Seriously.

But one thing I do like thinking back on is something a little more recent...when I held my youngest brother for the first time. My dad had claimed that not a one of us kids were permitted to hold Jacob—even though I was, at the time, thirteen. However, when he needed to help my mom (she’d just had a c-section and was in really bad shape), I was called upon to cradle the child in my arms and GUYS. Holding that little munchkin, rocking him, singing to him...that was amazing. I really can’t remember when my other siblings were born, but Jacob? Yep. He’s my little man. Seriously, some of my best memories are of him and Joanna, the sister who was born seventeen months before him. They’re my babies.

Which age would you choose to revisit?

Eight. I remember eight as being when I finally outgrew my awkwardness and anxiety (as well as my crappy bangs), when I was very carefree and busy doing all sorts of fun things. That said, I know I had some emotional breakdowns at eight, but it really was my best age. Definitely not half as bad as five. Or two. Or, worse yet, thirteen. Here’s to hoping sixteen won’t be too terrible.

How would you have your biography end?

And thus, with a kiss, she died.

Honestly, that wouldn’t be that bad. I could pass away peacefully alongside my husband (because we would die at the same time, of course), giving him one last kiss before we entered eternity.

But, then again, I should probably opt for something more original, shouldn’t I? Hmm. To be honest, I don’t really know how I want it to end. I think the best thing for me to do is leave that up to God. He knows best, after all.

What would you name the current chapter?

Lost in the Swamp...of School.

Who would you write a biography about?

My great-grandmother, Myrtle Wildes. Or my grandfather, Donald R. Johnson Sr. Or my however-many-greats-grandfather Dr. Samuel Nunez. Or, if I can ever uncover the mystery surrounding his entire existence, my eighth-great-grandfather, Maximilian Wildes. Or Jane Austen. Either one, if not all four.

What are seven of your favourite (auto)biographies?

About that…

I have only ever completely read one book that qualifies as a biography/autobiography...and I hated it. Sorry, Anne Frank, but there are some things that my ten-year-old self just wasn’t interested in reading, regardless of who wrote them. This review puts my opinions into the words that I couldn’t.

How have those biographies affected your life?

I don’t guess I have an available answer for this question, do I? Oh well.


The Tagees + The Questions

  1. What seven words would best describe you?

  2. Where would you spend your last days?

  3. Who would write your biography for you?

  4. What would you would title your story?

  5. What is your biggest regret in life? (I know that's a tough one, sorry.)

  6. (Gonna steal Miles’s question here…) Who would you write a biography about?

  7. How would you describe your life story?


Thank you all for joining me today! (Seven words.) It has been a true pleasure, y'all! (Seven words.) I'll see ya in the funny papers! (Seven words.)

Seriously, guys, I'm thinking in sevens now. *facepalm* Well, it is the number of perfection, isn't it?

Anyway, thanks again for reading this post! Feel free to steal it (as long as you give credit where credit is due, of course), and have fun!

#blographytag #blogtag #biography #abouttheblogger

Bookishly yours,


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