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Character Interview: Rina Bennet (Part 2)

Well, here it is, folks! The final half of my interview with the infamous Captain Rina Bennet. Boy, howdy, she sure is something! *chuckles ruefully* I think y'all will enjoy this one...

If you missed the first half, you can read it here! Also, I just had an idea for a Bible study inspired by Held Captive, and I could use y'all's help! All you have to do is fill out this form here with a little bit of feedback!!!

Anyway, y'all enjoy reading this question and answer with Rina! Special thanks to Issabelle, Abby, and Katherine for supplying the questions!! Oh, and if any of y'all have a question for Rina, leave it in the comments! I hear she'll be visiting my site soon, so she might be able to reply to you! *wink*


RB: Standing isn’t going to help.

GJ: Exactly! You’re still taller than me sitting, therefore I must increase my height by standing on my desk! *pushes up onto the desk in front of her, straddling her notebooks as she rises to her feet* *glares down at Rina* Ah, much better!

RB: Please get down.

GJ: Look, Rina, if you were only 5’1 and you spent an entire two hours being intimated by a woman over a foot taller than you in an interview, you’d stand on your desk.

RB: If you were being interviewed by a girl who is four feet in the air due to standing on a writing desk, you’d leave the room and never come back.

GJ: *hops down, grunting* I want to be here even less than you do, Rina. Let’s just cut to the chase. I have sixteen questions, one hour, and an ounce of patience, so let’s this over with as quickly and painlessly as possible, shall we?

RB: *waves toward Grace’s notebook* Well, start askin’, then.

GJ: These first questions come from Issabelle. She asks, “What do you think about having your own book series?”

RB: On about this again, are we? You won’t be holding my status as a figment of your imagination over my head this time, will you?

GJ: I shall give it my best effort not to.

RB: Well, that’s reassuring. *scowls* As great a travesty that my being a mere fictional character is, I must admit that I do enjoy having an entire six-book series to call my own.

GJ: *clears throat* Um, about that, only get four of the books.

RB: Wait. What?

Two Hours Later

RB: *chuckles * You really had me going for a moment there, Grace! Ah, ‘tis good to know that I’ll still play a dominant role in the spin-off series! I do have a bright future ahead of me, don’t I?

GJ: I wouldn’t call in a dominant role, but, uh, yeah—that’s beside the point.

RB: Well, I had better answer that question, hadn’t I? You see, Issabelle, I don’t have entire book series all to myself—only four of those books includes my—what did you call it? Oh, my point-of-view. The last two shift their focus to other characters. But the point is that the first four books are the best and most engaging and thrilling and that I am the main character in all of them.

GJ: No, you’re not.

RB: *growls* Don’t feed me those lies, Grace Ann Johnson. I know the truth, just as you know that I am the main character in all four novels and that I am your absolute favorite character.

GJ: I’ll put it like this—you were my absolute favorite. I’m beginning to reconsider that. Now! *claps hands* Issabelle wants to know if you’re more a character who lets me have my way, or if you just do whatever you want, whether I approve or not?

RB: Ah, good question! Grace is likely better suited to answer it, but in my opinion, I think I’m rather obedient. I don’t put up a fight when Grace kills off my entire family—

GJ: I haven’t killed your entire family, Rina. Only your—

RB: You murdered my uncle before my eyes and made me believe that he was my father. You’re a monster.

GJ: I’m a writer.

RB: And the difference?

GJ: *sighs* Never mind.

RB: Anyway, I do, on a few occasions, push to have my way, but I’m in no way as stubborn as some of my fellow characters. Keaton, for instance, is quite the wayward one.

GJ: *raises an eyebrow* And just how do you know that, Rina?

RB: Well, surely you didn’t intend for him to swat me on the rump…

GJ: *smirks* I did. I very much did. And, on top of that, Keaton went along with it swimmingly.

RB: You are a monster.

GJ: Moving on! What’s your favorite hobby?

RB: Hmm. I wouldn’t say I’ve much spare time—especially now with the twins. Before they came along, I always enjoyed fighting with Elliot and Keaton. But recently, I’ve taken a liking to learning the harpsichord with Xavier’s cousin Louisa and puttering about in the kitchen with Cook. I am most assuredly not an expert at either, but in due time I should like to be.

GJ: What’s your favorite color?

RB: Green. ‘Tis always been a favorite of mine, and surprisingly so. I should like blue, you know, or red—at least, Xavier seems to think that red is my color. I’ve not the foggiest notion why, though. *shrugs*

GJ: You look good in red, you know.

RB: *scoffs* I look absolutely horrible in whatever I wear, and everyone knows it.

GJ: If you say so. Anyway, next question. Issabelle asks “Would you rather own a floating bookshop—a bookshop on a ship (if you don't believe that's a thing, let me kindly point you to The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates by Caroline Carlson) or a floating restaurant.”

RB: A bookshop on a ship? *lifts an eyebrow* Wouldn’t the books get soggy?

GJ: *shrugs*

RB: Oh, well, I mean, Xavier would be intrigued by such an idea, but you know I can’t read. A floating restaurant sounds interesting, however. Should my culinary abilities increase exponentially, I might invest in such a venture. But what’s this about pirates, hmm? Surely your friend knows that there is no such thing as a honorable pirate—or even a very nearly one. Why, pirates are cruel, murderous—

GJ: *holds up her hand* We know, Rina. It’s a series of books—not an actual crew of pirates.

RB: Oh. I see.

GJ: On that note, Issabelle wonders if you’re interesting in learning more about the books?

RB: If I could read, I imagine I would be. Perhaps you should look into them, Grace.

GJ: I will, but I’m not the one Izzy’s addressing. Moving on… She asks: “Are you generally an optimistic person or a pessimistic person? (If you are unsure, please kindly proceed to the next question.)”

RB: Hmm…let me think a moment...optimistic or pessimistic. Dash it, I don’t rightly know! Well, on to the next question, then!

GJ: Are you enjoying her long list of “nonsensical” questions? If yes, she says, you’re an optimistic person and her new best friend. If no, good luck in life.

RB: My, the stakes are high now! Haha, I’d suppose I’m enjoying these questions. They have truly prompted me to think more on my purpose in life, not to mention about the guiding hand of fate—more commonly known as Grace.

GJ: *rolls her eyes* Optimistic you are, then. I’d wager you and Issabelle would be good friends indeed, did she not have eyes for Xavier.

RB: Wait. What is this you say? *surges from her chair* Your little friend has eyes for my husband?!

GJ: Oops. Rina, let me explain. *extends her hands in a peaceful gesture* Issabelle has read your books, you see, and she greatly admires Xavier’s character. In fact, she’s the main reason why I’ve yet to kill him off.


GJ: NEXT QUESTION! Do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword?

RB: *sniffs* Right now, I’m beginning to think that it is. If with a pen you could kill my husband whereas with a sword I—excuse me, others have failed—then, aye, your pen is leagues mightier than my sword. Murderess.

GJ: The proper term is authoress, thank you very much. Have you considered ever testing to see if your answer to the above question is correct?

RB: I think I just did. *swipes at her eyes*

GJ: Aw, quit with the dramatics, Rina. You know you’re a terrible actress.

RB: Dramatics? I am not being dramatic! You nearly killed my husband!!! Surely I have the right to be outraged!

GJ: *frowns* Are you tired after going through all of Issabelle’s questions?

RB: The questions I don’t mind—‘tis these troubling revelations they have uncovered.

GJ: Mmhmm. Would you believe that Issabelle’s not very good at coming up with questions? (At least in her opinion.)

RB: *chuckles mirthlessly* Oh, I wouldn’t say she’s not good at coming up with questions—she’s done a fabulous job, in my opinion. ‘Tis simply that my answers and yours replies are less than satisfactory. It is indeed good to know the truth of the matter, however, for which I am most grateful to Issabelle for exposing. You have my eternal thanks, luv.

GJ: This next question comes from Abby. What is your favorite animal?

RB: You won’t curse me or threaten to kill any of my loved ones for my answer, will you?

GJ: *groans* No. Just answer the blamed question.

RB: A favorite animal, you say? Well, certainly not horses. Cats are fine, I suppose. Dogs…ach, not those mangy mutts. Perhaps...perhaps the kraken? Or does that not count?

GJ: *facepalm*

RB: I’ll assume it does! Next question?

GJ: Katherine asks: “What is your favorite type of fish to eat?”

RB: To eat? Ooh...there are so many! I’m partial to quite a few of them, really. Trout is especially nice. In all honesty, my tastes lean more toward crab and shrimp, however. Ah, crustaceans are truly lovely! Much better than turtles, if you ask me. Never did develop a taste for turtle.

GJ: *shudders* With good reason! How could anyone eat a turtle? Ugh, Brits.

RB: I assure you that Britishers are not the only folk who eat turtles. Let’s move on, shall we?

GJ: Do you have a favorite seashell?

RB: The conch. I had one once...when I was a little girl...but our ship was caught in a violent gale, and the shell crashed to the floor and broke. I’ve not been able to find one quite like it since. ‘Twas a lovely shell, you know—quite large, the most beautiful pale orange, as smooth as a babe’s backside.

GJ: *rolls her eyes* Look, Rina, we only have one more question. Let’s try and make it through this as quick and painlessly as possible, shall we? Do you like islands?

RB: Islands? Oh, aye, whyever would I not? Well, if I were marooned on one, I imagine I’d not enjoy it, of course. But the occasional visit is always a treat. Such as when we careen the Rina, you know. ‘Tis a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city and the constant rocking of the sea. I couldn’t handle being shipwrecked on one, though. Now that...nay, I’d not much be liking an island then—at least a deserted one. Or one with cannibals.

GJ: Okay! *claps hands* It looks like we’re done here! Thank you so much for joining me today, Rina. It’’s been a pleasure.

RB: Oh, yes, I’m sure it has. Well, if anything, I enjoyed answering questions from the lovely Issabelle (I owe you for sparing my husband’s life), and the two dears Abby and Katherine. Do thank them for supplying us with questions, will you?

GJ: *sighs* Of course. I’ll be seeing you in jail, Rina. Good day to you. *leaves the room*

RB: Wait. WHAT?! JAIL?! Oh, no, you don’t, you slimy little… *stalks out behind Grace, muttering a few choice words*


About the Captain

(Image not available)

Born in 1655 as Catherina Winterbourne, Rina was raised by her uncle (who may, or may not, have abducted her when she was a baby...but that's a story for another day), infamous pirate captain Maverick Blackstone, until the day of his death in 1673, when Rina was elected captain in his place.

Since then, Rina has been pardoned for her crimes and given a letter of marque by the British monarchy. She is now married to Xavier Bennet and has two twin sons, Richard and Maverick.

You can find her aboard her ship, the Rina, or with her husband's family in Port Royal. Upon occasion, she visits London. Most of the time she laments the lack of properly tailored shirts for women and time travels to the 21st century to be interview by popular historical romance author, Grace A. Johnson.

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Issabelle P.
Aug 17, 2021

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS *screams wildly* I LOVE THIS SO MUCH YOU HAD ME LITERALLY LAUGHING OUTLOUD AND GETTING WEIRD LOOKS FROM MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Rina is just pure gold, Grace and these interviews are going down as some of my all-time favorite blog posts EVER!!!!!! Now if only my characters could be funnier and less rude maybe I'd actually have some good character interviews to show too. XD

Oh, yes, and Rina, you're welcome for saving Xavier's life for you. ;) Grace drives a hard bargain. You wouldn't believe what I had to give up to keep mah boy alive. XD

Issabelle P.
Aug 17, 2021
Replying to

You're SO WELCOME!!!!!!! Oooo that IS some good advice! ;)

*turns to Rina* You're welcome. Just remember me when it comes time to name the grandbabies. ;)


Abbigail R. B.
Aug 05, 2021

Oh my goodness, this was amazing to read!!! Now you're inspiring me to do more fun things with my own characters and books, lol... blessings to you!!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it!! Yes, you should!!! Blessing to you too! :)


Kristina Hall
Aug 04, 2021

Rina is hilarious! You all had me laughing!!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!! ;)


Vanessa Hall
Aug 04, 2021

Hahahaha, Rina, I love her. Great interview, Grace.

But please tell me you were kidding when you said you were thinking about killing off Xavier. Please. And I must thank Issabelle deeply. 😁

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!! (She loves you too, btw.)

Let's keep this on the down-low, but...yes, I was kidding. For the most part.


Joelle Stone
Aug 04, 2021

"You're a monster!"

"I'm a writer."

"And the difference?"


Good job, Grace!! This was so fun to read and the questions were so swaggy. *applauds*

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 05, 2021
Replying to

*chuckles* Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)


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