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Coming Soon: A Wolf's Rose by M.C. Kennedy

I am SUPER excited to share with y'all an upcoming release by M.C. Kennedy,

a young, up-and-coming Christian fantasy author! Her novel, A Wolf's Rose, is the first in The Feyfolk Trilogy (which is part of the Chronicles of Rinnil), and is a clean YA fantasy that releases June 3rd, 2022!

If you're looking for an entertaining, high-stakes read with just a hint of romance, then A Wolf's Rose is sure to please! (Let it be noted that there is some magic content, though. H.S.J. Williams kinda magic, not J.K. Rowling kind.)


about the book

Roshien Cochall has one goal: appear before the Gwyns and prove that she can move beyond the mistakes of her past. Nothing seems to move her closer to that goal, however, and she is left feeling stuck.

Lorcan Mactíre has been waiting patiently for nearly ten years to seize a cochall’s magic ring. Taking Roshien’s grandmother hostage, he lures Roshien to his fortress, confident that he will soon uncover the secret of her ring.

Is this Roshien’s opportunity for redemption? Can she somehow convince Lorcan to let her go—and maybe even take him with her? Or is this the beginning of her ultimate failure?


about the author

M. C. Kennedy is a self-proclaimed nerd with a deep love for the Lord and for fantasy. She enjoys nothing more than escaping from the real world into the realms of her imagination. When she's not rambling through fanciful forests, you can hunt her down at her website (, or her Facebook page (M. C. Kennedy, Author).

yours in spirit and script,


PS: If you're interested in having your book spotlighted on my blog, I do offer free spotlights! You can submit your book for consideration HERE!

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Cat Thompson
Jan 04, 2023

This book is awesome, definitely recommend for those who love this type of fantasy!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Jan 04, 2023
Replying to



Lily Keith
May 10, 2022

Ooo, sounds intriguing!


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